American Vacation 2017

 This year Nancy has decided to spend again her vacation in the USA

And guess where is she going to begin her trip... 
Yes! the Flamigo state: Florida

Miami is a city full of attactions

She couldn't find a better place to have fun!

Nancy loves the art nouveau buildings in South Beach

She visits Calle 8 to watch the exiting cuban chess games

in the Little Havana Cigar factory Nancy meets really interesting people

In the Perez Art Muceum she enjoys the opportunity of touching the best Contemporanean Art

In he Everglades National Park she can ride an Air boat and meet alligators

Nancy enjoys even the worms!

Nancy also explores Miami by night

every morning she takes a walk by the beach

She also decides to visit Key West where she can meet the pelikans in the southern point of the US

and she visits Hemingways's house... she is impressed by the histories inside its walls

The time to leave Miami has arrived

She takes the Greyhound bus looking for new adventures...

In the bus station you can meet the best friends you can imagine

And her next stop is: Savannah, Georgia

What a beautiful southern city!

Nancy is impressed by the charm of its squares

and the mistery of the hanging moss

on sunday it's time for church and watermelon, of course!

Nancy discovers a very special garage...

where she makes an authentic american friend!

after some days in Savannah, Nancy takes the train

and she arrives to Charleston, South Carolina!

Yes! as you may have benn wondering,
this is the city where the Charleston dance was invented!

but it is also one the best cities in the USA to undertand and live its history!

But one doll can't only live on culture...

good shopping is also really important!

At last, Nancy takes the greyhound bus again to get to her last stop:

Atlanta: the Coca-Cola Capital

Here she can enjoy the best southern cuisine

But she can also visit her favourite shop in the world: 
The American Girl Store

She takes the oppurtunity to visit her old friend Julie

and also to have a real american meal in a diner

Finally the time to go back has arrived
Nancy is really happy of all the interesting experiences she has lived in the USA
and also of the little souvenirs she can carry home!

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