Carnaby's Mods & Piccadilly's Punks

Why is Nancy wearing a thick wool jumper in July?

Why is she in a double-decker bus?

What is she looking for in this map?

Oh, yes, of course! Carnaby Street!!!

- But this is full of tourists, where have all the mods gone???

The following day, she takes another bus
Guess where is she going???

You were right: Piccadilly!

 - But this is full of tourists, where have all the punks gone???

 After these two disappointments, Nancy decides to go to Hamleys to visit a good old friend
The Paddington Bear gives her some really good advises:

 - Go to Mister Wu Restaurant in Chinatown and eat all that you can just for 6,95!!!

 - If you survive to Mr Wu delicacies, you can then go to Columbia Flower market and buy yourself some nice colourful flowers...

- At the end of the day, go to the Madison Roftop terrace and enjoy the best views of St Paul's Cahedral...

- and who knows... maybe you end up finding there the men of your life!!!


Twin Souls

 Saucy-Green and Saucy-Pink used to be like twins souls

 They didn't have to talk to understand each other's feelings

 and they had a lot of fun and laughs together!

  But suddently, one day Saucy-Green began to feel bored...

 Sucy-Pink's funny faces, were not fanny anymore for her!

 So she decided to add some else in her relationship... 
a much younger little doll named Strawberry Cheese Cake.

Saucy-Pink was really jealous and unhappy, 
but Saucy-Green had an idea:

- Close your eyes... I have a surprise for you!!!

 - Look, I've found another Strawberry Cheese Cake doll  just for you!

 Since that day the four of them live toghether and they have never get bored again!!!