Oh my god, I look horrible today!!!

 Oh, oh... this is not working as it should!!!

 I think I'm really sick!

 Let's go back to bed and have some rest...


 I will have to call Lissi the nurse!

 It's a stomach virus...

 What should I do? Is there any cure for me!?!

 Just have some of this and you'll feel much better in a while

 Yesss! I feel like I can fly now! 
Thank you, Lissi! You're the best nurse of the world!!!

The only problem is tomorrow's hangover... but don't worry, you'll get over it!

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Carnival Queen

 Ladies and Gentlemen, come and meet our 2 finalists for the 2014 Cyborgdolls Carnival Queen title:
Nancy in a soldier costume and Lucas in a Carmen Miranda costume

 And the winner is...

What a great Queen!
Occupy your throne, Lucas!

 Let's have a toast for a joyful Carnival!

Get the party started!!!