cyborg atellier

 nancy's leg - metal frame to garantee stability

lissi's joint

 restored lissi's leg

 fanny's joint

 the expert robotist close inspection

 too many dolls waiting to become a cyborg

 lissi observing her own transformation
 lesly needs help

 lesly's joint

 lesly and nancy body parts

 lissi observing her future interior

 lissi waist joint

 lissi's leg joint

 nancy's leg joint

 nancy and her restored leg
 a future finger for sintra

 fanny's parts

  metal joint for fanny's leg

 fanny's body parts waiting to end the transformation

 nancy's leg

  2 fanny: the model to follow and the future cyborg

 fineshed parts before assembling

 carina and the drawings to plan her new life


orange-menta (The Stripes Obsession 01)

 Nancys with Orange Menta models from the 70's

Narajito: the most famous orange in Spain

Carina's wardrobe

The dolls saying thank you to Carina... they love their new dresses!

Nancys New with Haute Couture from the 70,s
Annabella and Nancy Espia

Nancys wearing  Ibiza and En el jardín models

Campo, Otoño Loco and Gatsby

Leslys wearing Sport and Casera Models