The Confinement Diary

March 13th -  we are ready to stay home!

March 17th - Come on kitty, are you sure you don't need to walk down to the street to pee?

March 18th - We've already found the Sport and Enterteinment ideal for Confinements

March 19th -  Sant Josep &Fathers' day - We may not be able to celebrate it together like every year but we will think of you from our homes!

March 20th - Enjoying the First day of Spring from the balcony

March 21st -  Dressed up for going out on the Saturday Night!

March 22nd - like everyday at 20,00, Thank you!

March 24th - Starting the day with healthy routines

March 25th -Thank you for calling the nanny, Nancy!

March 26th - Virtual Happy hour with friends!

March 27th - Torturing the Neighbours for Free

March 28th - I had to borrow the shopping Cart from the Supermarket

March 29th - Social Distance Outfits Trends  - Spring 2020

                                       March 30th - Saving the World has never been easier

March 31st - We will find it!

April 1st - Time to make some order at home

April 2nd - I hadn't cleaned the wndows since 1997

April 3rd - three weeks of confinement: Everything is under Control!

April 4th - Saturday Night Virtual Party!!!

April 5th - Palm Day in the roof top

April 6th - Exploring your hobbys to survive to the confinement

April /th - The Cognac Chicken Tutorial said Nothing could go wrong following the steps...

April 8th- Empower Yourself!

April 9th - Tutorials&Mixers vs Coockbooks&RollingPins

April 10th - First day of Easter Holidays... still at home!

April 11th - Life is all about how you handle Plan B

April 12th - Easter Eggs: Real Art requires Concentration and Precision

April 13th - Can I break the mona Now?!?

April 14th - And after Easter, back to (tele)Work

April 15th - Virtual School: staying awake in the first class is also tough!

April 16th - Bricolage session: Safety first!

April 17th - Everybody needs some fresh air...

April 18th - Now we can begin to understand what it means to live confined like you

April 19th - Many hours of leisure with your partner:
Do you really need to solve quadratic equations to decide your move?

April 21st - One world Virtual Concert: You Can't always get what you want!

April 23rd - Enjoying an Indoor Diada de Sant Jordi

April 26th -  Children are back to the streets!!!

April 29th - Getting Ready to Reencounter Nancy in the Phase 1, 2 or maybe 3!?!

May 2nd - Finally we can go out to do exercice:
 Is it Mandatory to wear Fluorescent Colors to go out for a run?

May 4th - Someday we'll Break on Through to the Other Side

6th May - It's normal to talk to Plants (or Dolls). It'd only be weird if they answered back to you...

May 8th - Thanks to people like her, we are almost ready for the New Normality...


Life Before Confinement

Do you remember how was life 6 months ago? 

Life before CoronaVirus, Life before Confinement:

walking in the street without masks, going to the school, travelling without quarantines, meeting friends anytime anywhere, demonstrations, award ceremonies, street parties...

It was not so long ago, but now everything  is different...