The New Normality Collection


    Not everything during the First Confinement was a waste of time: 
Nancy learnt how to use the sewing machine!

She got so exited that began the prepare all the dolls of the house for the new era that was beginning: 
The New Normality!

Nancy thougnt that masks should be integrated to the everyday looks


Japanese patterns...

Animal Print...

Flower textils... 
nothing scaped to her New Obsession

She even combined the dolls outfits with the Human masks and named each model of her New Normality Collection: 









When the Bars reopened, Nancy also helped Lucas to return to his favourite hobby

She also made the oufits for the Online Pride Day 

And mainly she focused in prepare the dolls for the summer that had already arrived

It was a very strange summer that offered the dolls the opportunity to be tourists in their own cities

Children returned to the streets and they also should be prepared for the new season!

And she could not forget the outfits for one of the main attractions of Summer: 
The Beach!

So she Created a new beach Collection she called CyborgSwim

This collection was not restricted to the beach use...

You could use it also at the pool...

 in your own house...

and even in your own Freezer if needed!

Some casual outfits were also needed:
To play basketball o skate...

or to simply play in the street

The dolls could finally go back to he parks

and they needed new clothes for her new activities

Each one in their favourite colors

Barbecues were also attended

and also coordinated couples

Nobody was left behind!

Even humans started to copy Nancy's designs

the flash of the season, Tie dye, was also incorprated to Nancy's Collection

And when the dolls finally could have some days of holidays...

They had their new outfits ready on time!

This year they could not go very far

but they enjoyed very much their little scapes

they really needed some days of Disconnection

and Nature

Yes, it was really worthy!

And before going back to the routine:

El Camino!



and Revealing!

But summer was almost ending....

It was time to go back to work...

 to shopping...

to the Gyms...

and to school, of course!

The Challenge of the New Normality is still over us... 
we will see soon in the next post how our Nancy Dressmaker is facing it!