The Lost Cubebot and RO-BOTICA

 Carol and Pierina are walking back home together after school

 Suddenly, Carol sees something unusual and stops...

 What is this!?!

Who is he?
 Why is he sleeping in the street?

It's a Cubebot!
He's lost!!!

 Pierina is tired of waiting for Carol and she sks her to go home

 But Carol explains Pierina that they can't leave the Cubebot alone in the street!

 They have to help the Cubebot to find his home and his family!

 But the problem is where is the Cubebot home?
How can they get there?

 The only thing that the Cubebot can tell them is that is a place full of robots and that they have to take a train to get there...

But there is a lot of trains that leave from Catalonia Station!!!

 After many discussions and doubts they decide to take the train that goes to the Tibidabo Mountain...

 The train is full of people and they can't have a seat

But the journey doesn't take very long and they get off in Padua Station

 They are in Balmes street, but which direction should they take now?

 The Cubebot is very exited because he feels that his home is very near!

 This is 350 Balmes street... Could it be this shop?

 Yes! The Cubebots home is here:
Ro-botica, the best robot shop in the world!!!

 Just in the shop window the Cubebot meets his father and brother!

Now that the Cubebot is home again, Pierina says that is time to leave...

But Carol can't stop looking at all the amazing robots that there are in Ro-botica's display window

She wants to go inside and meet them!

They have even 3D printers to design and print your own robots!

 Pierina has to admit that Ro-botica looks like a very interesting and unique place... she agrees to go inside the shop and have a close look

 Carol introduce herself to all the robots of the shop...

and she even has the honour to meet the famous Darwin OP!!!

Meanwhile, Pierina is inspecting all the shop, 
she's impresed by all the robotic kits that she sees and the knowhow of Ro-botica staff!!!

 They both agree that finding the Cubebot and discovering Ro-botica has been the most exiting adventure of their lifes!!!

 Now it's time for Carol and Pierina to go home and they have to go say goodbye to the robots that they've met today in Ro-botica...

...but they are not sad, because they promise to come back soon to visit all of them!

If you want to know more about about Ro-botica and its robots, clik here!!!


Kodak Moment

 The Leslys have just arrived to Barcelona for the weekend

 They have been told there are a lot of interesting places to visit and things to do in the city...

 ...but do you want to know what are they really interested in?

 They are not interested in local flea markets

 or Art Museums

They are not curious about the history or the traditions of the city

They don't want to meet new people

They are neither looking for cheap thing to buy

They are no even interested in beaches

or Sports

They don't pretend to try the local dishes

and they don't even want to get drunk for a ridiculous price!

Architecture is neither in  the scope of their interests...

...what must it be, then?

Why have they left their home?

Why have they travelled thousands of kilometers?

They are looking for an ideal...

searching for that unrepeatable moment that they never want to forget

A unique moment that they have to share with the rest of the world!

Go and find your Kodak Moment, too!