An American Story

Nancy is waiting in the airport...
guess where is she going to?


No!!! it's just a long transfer!

It's so cold that she has to enter in the oldest café in town

The waiting is not that bad...

 Finally, she's here: Chicago!!!

 This city feels like being in a Wilco album cover!

 What a great skyline...

 ...great fountains...

 ...and better ice creams!

 The views to the river,

 the loop,



it's an emsemble that makes this city one of the greatest of world!

Nancy visits Chinatown and buys an authentic Chinese Chicago souvenir

She also visots the best tavern of the city!

The night start quietly...

 ...but the following morning she realises that maybe things have gone too far!

She has to leave the city  before she gets caught!

She goes to the Greyhound Station and after buying some provisions, she takes the first bus available!

She crosses the state border and gets to Indiana, 
she's saved now and she can have some rest in a motel! 

The following day she visit the nearest wallmart to get some more provisions to continue her scape, but ot seems like some people may have recognised from the news...

She tries to integrate as much as she can in the aborigen culture,,,

She steels a Harley davidson and drives to Memphis!

There she can't miss the Mythical Sun Records Studio

and Graceland!

Elvis was so handsome

and had so much good taste!

He was really a great american!!!

Nancy can't leave Memphis without visiting the Lorraine Motel, of course!

In the national Civil Rights museums she meets the 2 most important dolls in history!

The heros of the famous Doll Test!

Nancy's so impressed by the concerts in Beale street that she decides to create her own Band

Nancy's Band is so successful that they even tour to Nashville!

In Nashville Nancy takes the opportunity to visit the great Parthenon!

In the hotel pool she meets a very interesting american girl...

...her name is Barbie and she teaches Nancy the basics to flirt with american boys!

After Nashville, Nancy goes to Atlanta to meet some good old friends...

And suddenly, something magical happens...

Nancy falls in love with Ira, the best barbacue boy you can imagine!!!

But she has to go home!
when she's in the airport while buying some typical american souvenirs

Ira findx her and asks her to marry him!

Since that day, Nancy and Ira are living happily in a beatiful backyard cottage!!!