Around the world with Nancy: San Francisco

After her great Tokyo experience, Nancy is in Narita Airport ready to leave for a new adventure...
... understanding the japanese writting is only one of the many challenges she will have to face during her world tour!

Sleeping at 500 miles per hour and at 30.000 feet of altitude is not easy for a common plastic doll,
but Nancy is becoming an experienced traveller!

and after a very long and tiring journey, here we are: 
San Francisco, USA!

Everywhere you look you see sloped streets:

Up&Down -Down&Up

It's so exiting to be in a Bears' Republic!!!

What about the most famous bridge in the world?

It doesn't look so big in the distance...

... but the Golden Gate is great!!!

and what about the most famous prison in the world?

After so many emotions, Nancy needs to recover with some huge american menu!!!

Nancy takes one of the mythical San Francisco cable cars

Guess where she's going...

... Chinatown!!!

To compensate so many fatty american foods, she decides to do some jogging by the ocean!

Nancy doesn't know exactly the reason,
but in San Francisco she has always the feeling of being inside an Alfred Hitchcock movie...

Do you think The Birds will dare to attack her?

After some days in the city, Nancy takes the Caltrain to explore the Sillicon Valley

¿Who would ever imagine that in the heart of the most technological valley in the world you could find the most delicious vintage doll shop?

The Nice Twice Doll Shop in Campbell is the perfect place for Nancy to meet new american friends like the Madame Alexander dolls!!!

Back to the city, Nancy discovers the most remote and alternative neibourghoods

When her days in San Francisco are almost over, Nancy realise that she has forgotten to wear some flowers in her hair, but she has confirmed something...

... that if you're going to San Francisco, you're gonna meet some gentle people there!!!

Again in the airport,
Nancy's ready to face the last stage of her trip!!!



First evening of Homework

 Today it's September the 15th, the first school day for Nancy and Lesly and they already have homework!!! They have to solve a giant puzzle...

 - This looks so difficult, I don't know where to start!

 - Don't worry, Nancy. Just keep calm and have a snack...

 - I have an idea!

- Let's try  with this mathematical formula!
Wow, this is so hard!!!

 - Why don't we try to make a drawing and imagine what could it be?

 - Look! This is starting to make sense! It looks like a sky and a roof!

  - Lesly, don't leave the food on the puzzle! 
Can't you stop eating? Every time I look you're eating a different thing!!!

  - Im sorry, but I eat under medical description. The doctor says I have to eat a lot to keep on growing!!!

 - Look! It's a school!!!

 - And this seems a school girl...

- This girl reminds to somebody I know,but I'm not sure who... Lesly, can you lend me your glasses to look closer?
- Can't you see it's you, Nancy!?!

- Oh, yes, it' true! I didn't know I was so famous.. they even make puzzles with my pictures!!!

 - Theres' one piece missing! Our homework will not be finished if we don't find it!!! Lesly, what do you know of this piece?

 - Nothing!!! Well, Nancy, I have to go. I think it's time for me to go to sleep!

(It's better to desappear before Nancy finds out that I have eaten the piece of the puzzle by mistake...)

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Around the world with Nancy: Tokyo

Today Nancy's really exited: she's about to start her own personal World Tour!!!
Willy Fog is giving her wise advises before she leaves Barcelona and starts the great adventure...

Nancy can't sleep inside the plane, she spends all the whole long flight watching movies

Finally, here we are, Tokyo!!!
Nancy takes the Yamanote Line train to get to the heart of the city

 This is Shibuya, so many people, so many lights and sounds... It's great!!!

 In Tokyo you never know what you can find; for example a robot in Big Camera ...

and what about Nakano Broadway?

 The paradise of Toy and Doll Lovers!!!

Akihabara can be also a great place to set free the Otaku that everybody hides inside...

The heat in August in Tokyo can be suffocating...
and you have always to be aware of the Crab Boy's attack!

 Nancy goes to a Kaiten Sushi restaurant, but not a traditional one!

  You order your food in the screen and...

 the dishes come to you as fast as a Shinkansen train!!!

 To use the chopsticks can be a problem...

But Nancy is a fast learner, specially when it comes to eating!!!

And if you want a souvenir of this postmodern meal, just insert a coin
Japan is the Empire of the vending machines!!!

Nancy learns that if you want to become  a Cute Japanese Girl...

you can't miss Takeshita Street in Harajuku!!!

Now Nancy has transformed in a real Tokyo Girl!

 Yesss! They recognise she's one of them!

 But there's something missing... some shiny accesories for her hair!

 In the mythical Kiddy Land a girl can find any of the latest gadgets she may need!

Now Nancy's ready for the Tokyo social life!

 She goes out at night and discovers that tough it's not permitted to smoke in the streets of Tokyo, 
but you can do it inside the bars!!!

 After her initial Cute Girl phase with many intense otaku and consumer chapters, 
Nancy decides that she wants to become a Maiko, an apprentice Geisha.

But she discovers that to wear a kimono is not enough, 
she should always to carry an umbrella to protect her white skin from the sun!!!

She has to learn to distinguish among hundreds of different types of sake

She has also to know the basics of the traditional japanese architecture

And to walk appropiately in the temples

She also has to learn to enjoy the secrets of the traditional japanese subtle sweets

After some days of hard training, she feels ready to meet some other young maikos

 On her last night in Tokyo, Nancy goes to some really special place...

The Robot Restaurant

 What a crazy place!!!
The show is amazing...

 Shiny horses that sing...

 Acrobat girls that fight...

Dragons that expel fire...

Rolling silver pianos...

 And impressive robots that dance, of course!

At the end of the show, Nancy can't miss the chance to take a picture with one of the stars!

The Tokyo Stage of her World Tour is ending and Nancy is happy and sad at the same time
She's sad to leave Tokyo and all the amazing things she has found and learn here,
but she's also happy 'cause she knows there will be still many exiting new things in the next stages of her trip