First evening of Homework

 Today it's September the 15th, the first school day for Nancy and Lesly and they already have homework!!! They have to solve a giant puzzle...

 - This looks so difficult, I don't know where to start!

 - Don't worry, Nancy. Just keep calm and have a snack...

 - I have an idea!

- Let's try  with this mathematical formula!
Wow, this is so hard!!!

 - Why don't we try to make a drawing and imagine what could it be?

 - Look! This is starting to make sense! It looks like a sky and a roof!

  - Lesly, don't leave the food on the puzzle! 
Can't you stop eating? Every time I look you're eating a different thing!!!

  - Im sorry, but I eat under medical description. The doctor says I have to eat a lot to keep on growing!!!

 - Look! It's a school!!!

 - And this seems a school girl...

- This girl reminds to somebody I know,but I'm not sure who... Lesly, can you lend me your glasses to look closer?
- Can't you see it's you, Nancy!?!

- Oh, yes, it' true! I didn't know I was so famous.. they even make puzzles with my pictures!!!

 - Theres' one piece missing! Our homework will not be finished if we don't find it!!! Lesly, what do you know of this piece?

 - Nothing!!! Well, Nancy, I have to go. I think it's time for me to go to sleep!

(It's better to desappear before Nancy finds out that I have eaten the piece of the puzzle by mistake...)

If you want to see how was the first school day for Nancy and Lesly last year, click here


  1. Ja ja que tremenda Lesly!!! Me ha gustado mucho la historia.

  2. Me encanta la historia :)
    Un besazo

  3. Una historia muy divertida. El puzzle es una pasada, me ha encantado.

    1. El puzzle es uno de los 2 que habia en la caja de Otoño que hicieron en los 70... Saludos!

  4. Eating snacks on doctor's description sounds very good :-). Great story, and the puzzle is very charming!

    1. Yes, I want to go Leslys's doctor, too. I like his prescrictions!!!! Regards!!!!

  5. Hola: Lesly come de todo!!... espero que no le siente mal.. hasta la pieza del puzzle!!... una entrada perfecta. Muy creativa. Me gustó mucho el puzzle con la imagen de Nancy... Conservo el uniforme del cole de Lesly pero el de Nancy no. También me gustaron mucho las gafas... le quedan muy bien a las dos...