Easter Vacation

 Easter is finally here and Nancy is takinkg a plane to a city that she has always longed to go


 The first thing she does whan she gets there is to try its famous pintxos, of course!

 On the following day she takes a bus to Bilbao... she really enjoys the green ride!

 She feels really lucky, her friends have ordered a sunny day for her!!!

Before her meeting she takes the oportunity to visit the impressive Guggenheim Museum

 and finally her basque friends are here,
what a great day she's going to spend with them!

 The day after she's back to Donosti, ready to explore the city

 I't's raining... but she realizes that with her yellow fisherman coat there's no need of umbrella...

 Nancy is ready for any difficult situation!

 The Kursaal wind is neither a problem for her!

 On her last day in Donosti, the sun is shining again!!!

 So she puts on her swimming suit and is ready to taste the Cantabrian sea!

On a sunny day, La Concha is full of interesting and beautiful people!'s seems Nancy has connected with one of them!

 Well... we are not sure if Nancy's is ever going to return of her great Easter Vacation!!!