Rio Pacheco in Barcelona

After attending to the 080 fashion show
Rio Pacheco decides to stay a couple of days in Barcelona to practice his favourite vice: 

From the terrasse of his hotel room he enjoys the views of an Eixample patio while he tastes the local beer and decides the tour of the day

Rio combines the most huge and typical buildings

with the most narrow and unknown streets...

 ...artistic activities like alternative film making

with cultural visits like the Futbol Club Barcelona Museum

And, of course, he cannot miss the most famous street of Barcelona; Les Rambles!

Here he can find high quality performances,

super fasion shops

tasteful souvenirs

and the best food of the city...

at the most competitive prices!

But what is this???

I knew where the ball was!  This looks really easy!

I am going to win a lot of money!

But things are never so easy and clear as they look,
specially in a beautiful city full of tourists like Barcelona...

But he does not despair!
He has read in his guide  that the Maremagnum is the best shopping and entertaining center in town...

It's true! good products at good prices!

The seaside is perfect for a young couple in love...

I only wish I had somebody to share this open skyline view of the mediterranean sea



Sunday trecking with happy ending

After the visit that Calista prepared to the best robot shop in the world, today CJ has organized a Sunday trecking for some of the members of the Best Friends Club

Just over the big city highways, there's a wild misterious world waiting for us to explore it!

Everybody is exited about the trecking, except Yuko, who is an inveterate urbanite...

 There's no shops, asphalt or cars here... I don't like it!!!

 While the rest are enjoying the sport

 and the views over the city,

 Yuko doesn't enjoy walking up in the dusty ways:
her feets hurt and she can't follow the rithm of her friends!!!

 Look!!! A bus stop! 
I don't know where it leads, but I have scape from here!

No bus arrives, she has to continue walking but suddenly,
 a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, and they do Calçotades!!!!

 Yuko convinces the others to stay for lunch
They have to wait in the terrace while the waiters fix a table for them

The views are amazing from here!
The big city towers seem so small, it looks like you can grab them with your hands!

 It's the first time they eat calçots, 
so they decide to copy what their weird table neighbours are doing...

 Well, it doens't seem so difficult

 Eating burned expired onions is much more fun than walking in the mountains!

 And very messy!

If you add some whine with soda, the combination is perfect!

After so many eating and drinking, 
you can only end up building bikinis with your napkin!

Thank you CJ! 
It's been a great Sunday!


Mountain holidays

 The dolls have decided to spend their easter holidays in the mountains

It's been ages since they last went to the snow, but they still can get by with dignity and style

Despite the terrible falls,

Anabella prefers the modern snowboarding

The Nancys have always been more conservative...

... and remain loyal to the classic ski

The worst part of the day is walking back to the car tired and loaded!

And after the sport some arts and crafts activity: snowmen competition!
Classical Nancys vs New Nancys

As they cannot agree to see wich is the best snowman...

A snowball battle will decide!


As you can see, the consequences are terrible...

Meanwhile the pacifist Africa Nancy prefers to enjoy the views and the fresh air

Once at home, they light a fire to warm themselves...

Could you think of anything better than a little of Chartreuse to heat up definitely?

What a great soiree!!!

These mountain holidays have been impressive!!!

We will come back next year for sure!