Primavera Sound 2013

 Today Ken is so exited, he's going to the Primavera Sound Festival!!!

 Barbara is already waiting for him inside, but she can't receive any message cause there's no coverage ...

 She doen't despair, she knows they'll meet somehow,
 so she takes the opportunity to make new friends

 Teresa is also alone trying to see the stage...

... it's better to seat in the stands enjoying at the same time the concert and the views of the seaside while waiting for this year's main concert...

Here they are, together again after more than 20 years of silence:

At the keaboard: Dee Dee!

At the drums: Dana!

 At the leading guitar: Derek!

At the trumpet: Diva!

And the incomparable and magical voice of Barbie!!!!

Expectations are really high...

...but once the concert is over, all the fans are really satisfied!!!

even the oldest and most demanding audience has no complain!

Besides the musicians, Festivals have another principal actor: PolyClean portable toylets!!!!
Why girls have always to queue...

 ...while for boys is much faster and easier?

And there's also many other type of amusements...
what about a sunset ride in the merry goes round?

The night is still young and there's plenty of concerts to enjoy!!!

So many stages, so many groups...
Barbara doesn't know what to choose!!!

The best option is to listen to a "girl's band" almost as mythical as Barbie and the Rockers: 
The Breeders!!!

The night is over and they are tired and cold...
but they are happy: it's been a great festival!!!


London Calling

The London Nancy has always known that she's not like the rest of the dolls,
she doesn't belong to the collector's world, she wouldn't stand to stay in a vitrine for ever!

One day she scapes from her box and unpacks all her belongings, 
she can't wait anymore to visit London!

The Picadilly and Carnaby st. Nancys had also their own London experience in the 60's,
so they understand her and wish her luck with nostalgy!

Finally, here we are, Heathrow!!!

The first thing she sees of London is the underground, the oldest in the word!

She's really impresed by the amount of people that get into in a wagon in the rush hour!

London is a great cosmopolitan city, londoners are used to almost any type of people and situations...

And now, get ready to see the outdoor London!

 Wow, what a great city!

 The best way to have a good overall impression of London is to take a double-decker bus!

 It's like being in a movie show!

 And after the sightseeing, shopping!

 London is full of street markets

Yes, I think these sport shoes will fit me!

You can also find the most incredible second hand shops!

 And the most interesting record stores, of course!

 It's a pity the vynils are so big...
You can never get tired of this city!

 And in the evenings, you can always find an interesting concert in Cafe Oto!

 And what about a horse ride with the mounted branch of the Metropolitan Police?

or an architectural tour in the City?

 After so many emotions, Nancy needs to take a rest in a park.
But who is this strange being that is spying on her from the top of the wall?

She's acts so shy, she must be british...

She stands stearing at Nancy silently...

 Hey, what are you doing?

 aren't you going too far in your exploration?

Squirrel, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

This is London Calling...
tell the dolls I am going to stay here for a long while!