Free Pikachu

Like many people in this planet, Nancy has just installed the Pokémon Go App,
but her purpose is not the same of the other players...

Hi Squirtle, don't be afraid! I don't want to catch you... 
I just want to meet Pikachu, do you know how can I find him?

And you, Bulbasaur, don't hide, can you tell where to find Pikachu?

And You Charmander, Do you know where is Pikachu hiding?

But nobody knows anything about Pikachu,
so she Nancy expends days exploring the city looking for him

And finally: Pikachu appears!
He was hiding in the Ciutadella Park!!

Hey, don't run away, don't hide!

My name is Nancy and I just want to be your friend!

Are you sure you don't want to catch me like the rest of Pokémon players?

Yes, don't pannic! I am not interested in the catch rate!
I just wanted to meet you and have a little chat

Nancy, I am tired of being always cought by people, they just see me as a target, as a trophy...
...nobody cares about me feelings or wishes!
I am tired of the Pokémon world, the balls, tha battles and everything!

So you want to leave the Pokémon Game and leave a normal life in the real world, Pikachu?
Don't worry, I am going to help you.

Lets both concentrate and repeat the mantra: 
Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu,
Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu...

Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu...
What is happening?It seems that the mantra is working!
There are 2 pikachus now: a virtual and a real Pikachu at the same time
The transformation has begun!

Pikachu, you are finally free from the Pokémon Game!
You are in the real world, now you have a physical body!

You are not a digital being anymore!
The Pokémon way of life is over for you, Pikachu!
¿How does it fell to be made of real material?

¿How do you like to have your own shadow that will follow you everywhere?

Pikachu, theres's lots of things you have still to see and learn in this new life you have entered
Let's go and explore the real world together!!!


The Supersonic Fan

July 10th, the temperatureand the humidity levels are unbearable...
Lucas can't sleep

 So he decides to watch his favourite channel: the home shopping network!

Can't you sleep at night because of the heat?

 Are you fed up of the humidity and sweat?

 We have the solution for all your sleeping and sweating problems!

 The Supersonic Fan!!!

With the Supersonic Fan your summer nights will be fresh and you will sleep like a baby!
It is the best Fan ever invented!

The Supersonic Fan is the most powerful and fast fan of the market
It spins at 1.000 revolutions per minute!!!

Its supersonic design is made to refresh a room in only a few seconds!

The effects of the Supersonic Fan are immediate and unbeatable!
You will never look the same!

 And just for today we have an special offer: Buy 2 Supersonic fans and get 1 for free!

  What are you waiting for? Don't miss this opportunity!

Call Now and you will receive the Supersonic Fan in your home in less than 24 hours!

They have really convinced me!!!
I am going to call now to ask for 3 Supersonic Fans!!!


Summer in the City

This year Nancy and Lesly don't have money to go to the seaside
and they will have to stay the whole summer in the city!

 But Nancy is a resourceful doll: 
if they can't go to the beach, they can have a bath in a fountain!

At first Lesly thinks this is a ridiculous idea.

 She complains to Nancy and she doesn't want to stay in the fontain!

 But once she tries the urban cascade,

 she has to admit that is not that bad...

 Actually is really refreshing and fun!!!

When the sun goes down, they dress up and go for a walk

Every summer evening Nancy has an ice cream

She likes vanilla ice cream and it seams like she's not the only one!

 Lesly not only likes Ice Cream

 She devours Ice Cream!

If it was on her, she would only eat Ice Cream during all the summer!

 As you can see, the summer in the city can be really fun.
So if you can't spend your holydays away, don't dispair, do like Nancy and lesly and enjoy your city!