Southeast Asia Tour: Bali and Gili Islands

After meeting in Singapore, Nancy takes Pulip to Bali
She's searching for Paradise as Pulip requested

But Paradise is not such an easy place to find. 
The way to Paradise is still a long way ahead: after travelling by land, sea and air...

...they finally arrive to Gili Meno Island!

This is a funny place...

There is not a single car in the whole island: just horses or bikes
Yes, it looks as this could be the paradise they are looking for!

No alarm clocks or electric horns: just roosters and hens that wake you up at the breaking Dawn

No suppermarkets or shopping malls, just some casual vendors in the beach

Nancy and Pulip explore the island on foot

The deeper they explore, the more they are sure that this island is the closest place to paradise they could ever find in earth

It's plenty of life everywhere you look at!

and at the sme time it's the ideal place to experience the absolute...


Yes! This is definitely what they were looking for!

Moreover, the inhabitants of Gili Meno are open and friendly to foreigners

Nancy and Pulip spend hours talking and playing with them

Time flies when you are having fun!

But Nancy knows that this situation cannot last too long
She has to go back home soon and she senses that Pulip has something important to announce her... 

Pulip has decided to stay in Gili Meno forever
She has found somebody who wants to adopt her and who will always take care of her;
this is the real Paradise!

At the beginning Nancy is sad of losing Pulip... 
but finally she understands that she will never loose her, that what they've shared will last a long as they live!

The time to leave Gili Meno has arrived

Nancy waits in Bali's airport for the plane that will take her back home
While she drinks her last Bintang Beer, she remembers already with nostalgia all the great adventures she's lived and the great friends she's made during her Southeast Asia Tour


Southeast Asia Tour: Bangkok

In our last post Nancy was about to leave Singapore looking for new adventures in...


Tuk-tuks are the best way to discover the city and feel its rhythm

 River taxis are also a great way to experience it and enjoy the views

Bangkok is full of temples and Budhas...

...but the famous Reclining Bhuda of Wat Pho is Nancy's favourite!

"Then, what should a Buddha be bought for?" 

By observing the other tourists Nancy realizes that there's something more important than being somewhere: to show your family and friends that you've been there!

It's really impressive to see what people is able to do just to get some more "likes" in their Facebook or Instagram posts!

Tourism is a exhausting sport
After spending all day visiting temples, Nancy needs a professional foot massage...

and some local delicacies to recover completely and be ready for exhiting Bangkok night!

Firstly she decides to go the Patpong Night Market, 
where she meets lots of friendly vendors

But she also dares to visit the Mytical Soy Cowboy St,
Thought she's been told that it's not a place for naive dolls like her, she feels really at home in clubs like The Dollhouse!

Tired of being an hyperactive tourist, Nancy decides to spend her last days in Bangkok doing nothing: just enjoying the swimmingpool and the views from her hotel!

When her days in Bangkok are almost over, Nancy has still big 2 big mysteries to solve;
"¿Why there are some many different coloured taxis in Bangkok?"

¿Who is this woman that appears in the pictures everywhere around the city?

Back to Singapore, Nancy decides to visit the National Art Museum

She has to admit that contemporary art is always a source of inspiration and good vibrations!

In the Museum shop, she makes a new friend:
her name is Pullip and has been living in the Museum shop as far as she can remember.

Pullip asks Nancy to release her from the boredom and loneliness of the Museum

Nancy brings Pullip to the most remarcable markets and shopping malls in Singapore

But Pullip is not interested in buying anything at all, she wants wants Nancy to take her to Paradise!
Let's see in our next post what Nancy can do about it...


Southeast Asia Tour: Singapore and Malaysia


This year Nancy has decided to spend her holidays in Southeast Asia.

 She's beginning her trip in Singapore:
the multicultural global hub that this year iscelebrating its 50th Anniversary!

 She has the best singapurian guide you could ever find,
her good friend Clarence, who shows her the best local dishes like the delicious fried carrot cake...

... or the singapurian ice cream sandwitch

Besides the traditional neighbourhoods, 
like China Town and its colourfull shophouses 

 Clarence also takes her to the best robot shop in town: A-main Objectives
where she can visit her old friend Darwin-OP

They also visit all the great doll shops arround

 and even the most hidden flea markets!

 But Nancy has also an expat friend in Singapore, Dani,
who not only but gives her a different vision of the city...

 but makes her feel like a real Top Model

 and takes her to the best restaurants

and to a bike excursion to the famous Gardens by the Bay

 Nancy takes the opportunity to make one day trip to Johor in Malaysia.
It's just 1 hour by bus from the Singapore, 
but it's funny to confirm how places that are so close can be so different

 At the first sight seems that malaysians love bright and shiny colours...

 there are colours everywhere...

 even in the bakeries!

 In Malaysia Nancy makes lots of new acquaintances:
like a friend from Japan

and also a malaysian girl who invites her to the Zoo!

It's so interesting to meet authentic locals like the Rhinoceros Hornbil!

After a great afternoon in the zoo with her new friends it's time to go back...

 Back in Singapore, Nancy can't scape to the intence fragance of the most expensive fruit of the world: the durian. You either love it or hate it; you'd better not ask what Nancy thinks about it!

Again in the bus to the airport, it's time for Nancy to look for new places to explore!
If you want to know where is Nancy going now, don't miss our next post!!!