The Dog Walker

Some people earns some extra money as dog walkers...

 Many think that this is an easy job to do... but if you are 42 cm high and made out of plastic is not that easy...

 There are many dangers out there waiting for you and for the dogs you're walking...

 Imagine how would you feel if a giant dog wanted to inspect you

 or inspect your clients...

 Definitely, not everybody is ready for this type of hard emotions!

 After so many adventures, the dogs are extremely hungry!

 They can't  even wait to have their food served! 

 It can be really tiring to control them!

As soon as they are served,  you may have some peace!

Whatever difficulties you may have, dog walking has also its good moments!!!


Puesta a Punto

After all the large meals and excesses of Christmas' Holidays,
it's time to get back in shape and be fit again!
 Let's go back to the TV classics for inspiration:

 Hello Friends!
I am Eva Nasarre and I welcome you to our daily fine tuning program: Puesta a Punto!

 Let's start with the neck exercices...

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and 8


... expire
and now the back exercices

 now to the floor!

Now we are going to work on the abdominals

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8

 and now the legs

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8

and now we are going to repeat everything with the best 80's music!!!

That's all for today, folks!
See you tomorrow at the same hour in the same channel!


The Wise Men have come

 January 5th: To wait for the wise Men in a cold evening can be hard...

 But once they come, the emotion is high!!!

 Will they pass by the Lourdes' home tonight?

January 6th:  the Lourdes find their presents!
At the first sigh he charcoal or the underwear may be disappointing... but there are many more presents!!!

January 7th: just one day to play with all the new toys!!!

January 8th: the Lourdes have to go to school
But hey are not able to say farewell to their new dolls!

So they put them in their new backpacks and take them to the school!
We'll see what the teacher has to say about having some new pupils in class...


Options to start a New Year

There's many ways to start a new year...

Some people choose to eat like a horse

 and to drink like a fish

 The real results of these type of elections are quite messy on the following morning!

Some other people choose to inaugurate the year with a nice walk by the sea...

and with a profound and philosofical conversation!

There's not one option better than the other, both options are valid if you do it with the right companion!!!