Snow in the City

Tonight it has snowed in the City
It was not a lot of snow and by the middle of the morning it was already melted...
 Pepo was impressed: the snow is so cold, so bright, so clean, so special!!!

When Guendolina has picked him up from the school, Pepo couldn't stop talking about it!!!


Skater or Poser?

 This Nancy goes every afternoon after school to the MACBA

 She spends many hours a day practising with her skateboard

 She also loves to combine the skate with pauses to relax and watch the other skaters

 and after a while... back to the skate!

 This other Nancy goes also very often to the MACBA

 She spends also many hours watching the other skaters... 

but her objectives may be very different!

Guess who is the skater and who's the poser!!!