Palm Sunday

 Nancy, like any other traditional modern good girl, 
wears the new spring dress that her grandmother has made specially for the Palm Sunday

With the palm that her godmother has given to her, she goes out looking for somebody to share this special moment...

Yes!!! She's been lucky! 

This is the best friend she could ever have met!!!


Autonomy (cyborg atelier 03)

This doll has been in this box for more than one year waiting for somebody to fix her

But suddenly, one day she wakes up and decides to solve her problems on her own.

She doesn't need any human to help her, she can make it by herself!

  She takes an screwdriver and begins to work!

 She combs her hair

sews her old dress

   and gets ready for a new brand adventure!

 She always wanted to visit the sea and she can't wait anymore for somebody to take her there!

Here we are... so huge, so blue, so shiny!

Yes, This is Autonomy!!!

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