Chencho! Chencho! Where are you!?!

On the day before Christmas  the grandfather of the Famous Big Family takes the children to the Santa Llúcia fair.

The younger ones are really exited. It's the first time they go to a such magic place!

Here they can have a ride on a Cagatió

find wonderful figures for the Nativity scene

 decorations for their home

 and of course, a big christmas tree!

 They can also learn to play the Zambomba

and even admire the subtile catalan caganers style

After so many emotions, Chencho, the younger of them, stops to have a little rest in a very cozy little place...he's so tired, that he fells asleep

Meanwhile, grandpa is counting the children... There's one missing!!!

Chencho! Chencho! Where are you!?!

Oh my God, we have to find him!
Chencho! Chencho! Where are you!?!

But this is such a big place, and it's full of people! it's going to be very difficult!

They ask everywhere, but nobody has seen him!

 While the faithful Luisa prays to God for Cencho...

Crispulo meets Santa and asks for help to find him

They have tried everything, but they cannot find him!!!
They have to go back home to tell to their parents!

When Chencho wakes up, he cannot see his grandpa or any of his brothers...

He walks for hours among the crowd, but he cannot find them... He's lost!!!

But suddennly, he sees a ridiculous fat man dressed in red like Santaclaus...

The man tells Chencho that he's not the real Santa. 
He's just a TV showman, working for a big department store to earn some extra money!
But anyway he'll try to help him...

On the Christmas morning, the mother enters the children's room and sees a big parcel on Chencho's bed!
OHHH -she shouts- everybody wake up!

They open the parcel... and they find Chencho inside it!

They are so happy! This is the best Christmas present ever!

While Luisa and the nun sister pray God to thank him for the return of his brother...

  Crispulo remember his talk with Santa and thinks that it's the big red guy who has brought his brother back home...

Only Chencho, the only really rational member of the Big Family, knows that it's not thanks to God or Santa...

Don't you know that Santa doesn't work in the South?
It's too hot for the reindeers!!!

You should already know that we're in the Three Magical Kings' delivery area!


put a robot in your life!

 Today Calista is taking her best friends to a very special place
This is my favourite shop in the word!

 Wow! I like these cars! Is this a toy shop?

 Well, you'll see it's much more than that!

 If my hero Leonardo da Vinci could see this place, he'd love it like me...
...It's a robot shop!

 Here you can find kits to learn to design, assemble and program your own robots!
Be careful!!! The robot scorpion will sting you!

And you can also find domestic robots like the roomba or social robots like Pleo...
But please, be nice, it's not a horse! It's only a baby dinousaur!

 And what do you think of the chance to build and control your own robotic arm?

 And now I'll Introduce you the most advanced robot around here: the great Darwin OP!

Among many other things, he can play soccer autonomously. 
Come on C.J., play with him!

 Darwin's too good for me! It's the Messi of the robot league!

 I think even Elsa preffers Darwin to the old fashioned Chiki Chiki...

 And what about the gadgets department robots?
Maybe they are not so intelligent or useful, but they are cute!

 You can also find vintage robot girls...

 ...and japanese strange hearted robots!

You can start building robots since you are very young...

...and continue having fun and learning with them through all your life!

 And now, let's have a race: hexbugs against deskpets!

  If you have any question, you can always count on the professional and helpful ro-botica staff!

Oh, it's time to go! Let's take a picture with our new robot friends!

 Thank you, we had so much fun! 
We promise to come back soon to ro-botica!

 Once at home, Calista teaches to her friends how to assemble a robot

 You see, it's not that difficult!

 Wow, we've made it! 
We have made our own bug robot able to follow lines and react to sounds!

Thank you for sharing with us this amazing robotic world!

If you want to know more about robots, just go to and enjoy!