The Dressmaker

  Nancy is the best Dessmaker in the Kingdom:

Today she has received a very important call...

...the Royal Princesses are going to order her some dresses!!!

 The Princesses go personally to Nancy's atelier and explain her that they need new dresses for the Annual Garden Party that will be held at the Royal Palace in 2 weeks

 Nancy gives them some fashion magazines to take some ideas of what they want

 But after hours looking at them, they don't find anything that suits them!

These Princesses are terrible!
They criticice evertyhing and it seems that nothing is good enough for them!

 But Nancy has an idea:
To use the same style of the dresses they're wearing but with a different fabric

She proposes to use this season's color: Red!

 Nancy takes measurements of the princesses, both of them are the same size!

 They are very proud of their perfect figure!

Nancy has a lot of job to do if she wants to have both dresses ready for the Garden Party day!
She starts drawing the patterns

 Afterwords she has to cut the patterns 

 and later she cuts the fabrics!

 Finally she joints all the parts with her new sewing machine!

The finishing touches are also really important!

The dresses are ready on time, and Nancy is really proud of them but also very tired!

 Nancy is waiting for the Princesses, she's sure they will love the dresses,
 but when they arrive, she's shocked!

What has happened to their splendid figures?
They don't look the same persons!

 The princesses explain to Nancy that as they were so nervous about the Garden Party, 
they couldn't stop eating for 2 weeks!

 It's phisically impossible that they fit into the dresses!

 Nancy will have to make new dresses for them to go tho the party!

 She takes measurements again, this time the numbers are much higher!

 There's only one day to make the new dresses...

...there's not a minute to lose!

 Nancy works hard non-stop day and night! 

 She can't even go to bed to rest!

The last 24 hours have been a nightmare!
Finally she manages to have the dresses on time, 
but now she's really tired!!

The Princesses go back to Nancy's Atelier and bring with them their cousins
They try the dresses, they are perfect!!!

One thing is certain, wearing Nancy's dresses, 
they will be the prettier dolls in the Garden Party!

Nancy's so exhausted, that she can't even move or talk to them
But the princesses don't even thank her for all the effort she's made!
Nancy realizes that she means nothing to them:
she's just a dressmaker, just a subject who just has to acomplish their royal desires!


On the Road - Nancy US Tour 2016 (03)

 In our previous post we left Nancy in the Casino, with a deep voice calling her name...

(If you want to check how Nancy arrived to the Casino, click here)

This voice sounds familiar to Nancy, 
but it's not possible...

What are you doing here?!? I thought you were dead!

Hi Nancy. it's been a long time... when was the last time? Spain 1985?
I owed a lot of money, they said they'd kill me, I had to leave and start a new life in the US!
Now I have a ranch in Texas, they call me Luke here!

But you didn't even say Goodby to me, not a single  call or letter in all these years!!!
It to took me a long time to recover from your departure

But you know what? I don't care about the past anymore!
Why don't you help me with this slot machine... 
this is my last dollar and I still don't now how to play this game!

Ok, let's play our last chance!


Viva Las Vegas!!!

What are Nancy and Lucas gonna do with all this money?!?

They are going to celebrate that we've met again and that we are rich now!

All this can't be just chance: meeting in the Casino after all these years, winning the jackpot...
... it's Fate!

 It's weird, more than 30 years and they have not changed a bit
it' s like if all these years had not passed!

They feel exactly the same than 30 years ago!

 Zoltar was right, Nancy has found her destiny in the Casino!!!

Nancy and Lucas have decided to get married as soon as possible
And they are in the perfect place to do it!
Nothing is impossible in Las Vegas!!!

First of all the wedding clothing;
No doubt here: the traditional Marilyn and the Elvis outfits are perfect for this special ocasion!

Now  that they are properly dressed, they have to find a chapel...

Las Vegas is full of interesting Wedding Chapels, open at any time of the day or night!

The choices are infinite!

You can get married where Alaka and Mario did!

or even in the World Famous Chapel of the Bells!!!

...but finally they choose the classic style of the Little White Wedding Chapel!

We can't enter the Ceremony to take pictures, but here we have the offical souvenir card, included in the Little White Chapel fees!

Finally, after more that 30 years of their first date,  Nancy and Lucas are legally married!

They have just to get into the limousine and look for a nice Motel to spend their wedding night!

Beside Casinos and Wedding Chapels, Motels are one of the main attractions of Las Vegas

You can find a great range of motel options!

Nancy and Lucas have chosen to spend their first night together in the vintage Pink Motel

Following tradition, the groom is carrying the bride over the threshold of the room!
As this blog is suitable for all audiences, we can't show the pictures of what is going to happen next... 

...but we do can show you a picture of Nancy&Lucas Honeymoon:
Are they in Venice? Of course not!
 Still in Las Vegas, the Fabulous Las Vegas!

Well, we guess this is the end of Nancy's Life on the Road,
at least for a while...
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