Umbrella's Season

 Dolls have discovered that, like humans, they have to use umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain

 But to carry umbrellas is so hard sometimes...

and it's even more annoying if you have to share it with someone!

But to wear an umbrella it has not always to be boring!

You can have a lot of fun with a funny umbrella and jumping in the water!

 Anyway,  Nancy's tired of so many rainy days!

 It's time to make the clouds fade away...

...and start to use the umbrellas just as a fashion accessory!!!


  1. I don't like rain, but your photos definitely show the fun of umbrellas :-). Nancy is so fashionable in the last picture, the umbrella is perfect for her outfit :-).

    1. Nancy is always perfect in any situation!!! even under the reain is it is necessary!!

  2. Una entrada preciosa ¡¡¡nos encantan las niñas con sus atuendos bajo la lluvia!!! las fotos son maravillosas, saludos desde Nancy historias de siempre.
    Besosss y abrazos.

  3. ¡Otro reportaje estupendo y guapo de vuestra factorìa¡¡:-)

  4. ostatnia fota fantastyczna!!!

  5. Qué bonitas estas fotos! Y tus niñas tan bien vestidas, no les falta de nada!

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