Joan is here!

Please, let me go cycling to the hospital.
No, we have to be responsible, we are almost parents!

We'll take the Vespa!

We can't believe that Joan is finally arriving today!

Everything has been perfect thanks to Dr. Barbie.

Where is the arruyo? and the peleles or the ranitas?
We have to dress the baby!

I have no idea what she's talking about...
Today is the hottest day of the year, we'll take him home naked.

Look at Joan: his so small and cute!

Where is my vespa? I think it's been stolen!
No problem, we can go back home skating...


the beach girls in Viladecans

The Mattel family arrived at 10,00 AM!

Christie and Teresa were gossiping all day through

Malibu Barbie met an unknown spanish Ken

Hula hair barbie listened aqua geatest hits tape

Kelly and Tommy played soccer by the sea

Cali girl barbie studied the mediterranean waves

  the nancys arrived much later

it was the first time of their lifes they saw the sea!

they played with the children and the dogs around

the shrinked black nancy didn't feel so short

who said geishas don't like sun?

This one was the bravest doll...

... and had a good rest after the great adventure!


Sonar Festival - Barcelona, June 2012

Yesterday the girls decided to go to the Sonar...

... but  they didn't have enough money for the tickets,

so they bought some beers in the street

 and stayed outside doing porting

at the beginning people didn't care much about them...

but after a while they began to take photos of them

and even some wanted to be in the pictures with them!

and play with them!!!

the cleaning ladies couldn't resist their charm

Many fell in love with the Spy Nancy

more and more pictures...

and finally: The Mystic Experience!