Once upon a time in Mallorca

Once upon a time a very beautiful and rich doll called Nancy decided to travel to Mallorca. 
She felt alone and unhappy and she thought that maybe in this magical island she could find the meaning of life...

The first thing she did when she arrived to Palma was to look for a good ensaimada

Yes, it's delicious... - she thought - but I guess that these pork fat is not compatible with my bikini!

On her way to the cathedral she found a church where there was a huge doll laying in a bed
Hello, my name is Nancy. Who are you? Can you tell me the way to the cathedral?
but she recived no answer...

Oh, the Cathedral! It's so big and beautiful!

After these great culinary and cultural experiences, it was time to practise her favorite activity: shopping!!!

She started with the typical Mallorca pearls...

... and finished with the traditional sandals

 Afterwars, she went to the train station to decide which village she shoud visit the following day

She had dinner in a very interesting bar

The almond sorbet was amazing, but it was a pity she had it alone!
 I would like to have someone to share all these new experiences...

As any other shopalcoholic, Nancy loves flea markets
She took the train to Consell and visited the most famous second hand market of the island

- Hello, does anybody want to come with me? I have lots of money, I can buy you all if you wish!
- No, thanks, we don't need your money! We are happy living all together in this van...

- Hello, my name is Catalina. Please, buy me and take me away from these horrible place! 
I can't stand anymore to live in this tiny box crowded of babys and plushes!!!

 We are Mafalda and Pinocchio and we also want to come with you! We are tired of the barking of this stupid dog, the crying of the little babys and the clucking of these hens!!!

I am Espinete, I have to go back to Sesam street! Please, release me too!

Once Nancy had paid the price of all her new colleagues, they decided to go to the beach to clean themselves and relax

Catalina, you stink! First take a bath and then you can wear some of my cloths. 
Tomorrow I will buy you some nice cloths of your own

How weird - she thought while enjoying her bath in the cristaline water - It's the first time that somebody does something for me without asking something else in return...

- So, tell me, Catalina, how come you end up for sale in a second hand market?
- Well, Nancy, I have been selling my body since I can remember...
- Oh, you mean you are a... 
- Yes, yes, people call me prostitute, bitch, whore or anything you can imagine...

- And You, Mafalda and Pinocchio, how did you arrive to the market? 
Well, - Pinocchio said - I used to be the most important man in Italy: mr. Berlusconi, but one day...

- Nancy, don't believe him, he's lying!!! You can guess by the lenght of his nose!
- Shut up, Mafalda,  I may be a liar but everybody knows you are a famous argentinian thief!
- I'm not a thief, my psychiatrist says that I just suffer from kleptomania...

 Well, - finally said Espinete -  I am surrounded by shopalcoholics, kleptomaniacs, liars and hookers!!! I am into the children's showbusiness, this is not good for my professional career. I think it's time to go back to Sesam street. Good luck!

Well, - Nancy said - I don't care of who you are  or about your past... I just need somebody to spend my next days in Mallorca... Do you have any ideas of what to do around here?

Catalina brought them to the procession to the the monastery of the Secar de la Real and took the oportunity to worship Saint Bernard and receive some basil as a gift.

 She tought them the traditional dances from Mallorca

Nancy was quite a clumsy pupil...

 but Mafalda and mainly Pinnocchio surprisingly revealed themselves as 2 very gifted disciples!

 The next day our 4 friends went to The English Cut, the best deparment store of Palma.
Nancy bought lots of new dresses, shoes and bathing clothes for Catalina

Meanwhile, Pinocchio was explaining some unbelievable stories to the mr. Lego torch

and Mafalda was trying to the decide what was the ideal object to steal
I like this Lego Dino, but maybe it's too big for me to carry...

Oh, yes! I'm sure that this Doctor Barbie's dress will fit perfectly in me!

Come on, Pinocchio, hurry up! We have to scape before the police arrives!!!

The following days they visited the most beautiful beaches and calas of the Island.
Even most of them were overcrowded because it was August, Pinocchio didn't feel embarrassed while practising nudism anywhere...

Mafalda also practised her own personal vice with no embarrassment at all!

They visited the most amazing landscapes

and attended to the most successful shows

Days passed by fast and Nancy wanted her last day in Mallorca to be a very special one
She went to the Colmado Santo Domingo to buy some typical stuff to have a picnic.

They went to cala Deià and found a very cozy corner to have their last party together

It was just then when Nancy realized that those days spent in Mallorca with those freaky characters had been the happiest of her life!
After all, they were not that strange... or who hasn't lied, stealed or sold his body or soul sometime?

She decided that she would stay to live with them in Mallorca. 
They setted up a roller disco in the Galdent quarry and lived happily ever after


The Sintras have a plan

The Sintras are tired of playing a supporting role on the spanish doll history of the 70's,
they want to prove they can be as modern and independent as the popular Nancys!

They have a plan:
they are going to scape the boarding school where they have been confined these last 40 years, 
and forget the orders and rules of their teacher and tutor, Sister Amparo

They are going to make themselves some swimming clothes

and to travel to see the sea for the first time of their lifes!

 They are ready to go!

Finally: Freedom!
It's so nice to sunbathe and relax at the seashore

and to feel the sea water over your feet...

.. but suddendly: Oh No! Sister Amparo has found them!!!

Shameless Girls! What are you doing here with these ridiculous clothes!
You have to go dress decently and go back to the school, now!

 Throw away these clothes to the garbage can and be again respectable and modest girls!

Well, actually Sister Amparo is not that bad...
she does the best paella of the world!

At the end she has even permitted the Sintras use their beautiful fabrics to renew the tableclothes and bibs of the school!