Chilenian Adventure

 Neus had spent many years decomposed...

One day she decided to fix herself

and get ready for a big adventure...
but where should she go?

 She chose the longest and narrowest country she could find in the globe!

She said farewell but she was not sad
because she knew that someday she would come back!


The Best Street in the World

 Today Nancy has retourned to Les Rambles to pray for the victims of yesterday's attack 
and to show to the world that We are Not Afraid

During the last years we  have taken walks in Les Rambles with the CyborgDolls

 We have been tourists with them

 We have partied

we have celebrated Sant Jordi with them

and walk all along Les Rambles to get to the sea!

The diversity and tolerance of Les Rambles is so great that we have even met robots here!

After all these experiences and whatever it may happen we can only say that
Les Rambles will be always for us The Best Street in the World!