La Mercè Festival

Hello, my name is Mercè and I welcome you to my festival!

 There's some people who prays for the catalan castellers when they see them...

 some others, they just can't look...

bust most of them, they enjoy the risk!!!

I would love to be up there!

 It's not exactly the same, but thank you!

 Can I play the drums?

 And now, what's next?

 The giants!!!

 Wow, they are so big!

Can you see anything?!?

The giants dance and run!

 Hey, what are looking at?

 And now, the projections in the townhall façade

 Well, I'm not that impressed...

Oh! a dragon that expels fire... it's el Correfoc!!!

This is hell!

I'm scared!

 Look! The devils!

I want to visit hell with you!

The Lourdes are so impressed with all the things they've seen in the Festival that when they arrive home ask the other the dolls to help them to do a castle... It's not that bad for being their first time!

Don't try to do this at home, kids!


The Party

15th September 1987:
the FFFF are very excited because they are having a party to celebrate their birthdays

Finally the first guests are arriving!

 Would you like a canapé?

 Wow, olivada!!!

 Have you got a light?

I will try just a little of Jack Daniels!

 The Bee Gees! Let's dance!!!

The telephone rings... it's the neighbour complaining about the noise!

 Well, it's Saturday and it's not that late, I will play the new cassette of Alaska!

 I think I will have just another one, a saidera...

 Oh, I love Olé Olé!

 And now it's time for the slow songs...

...Glenn Medeiros!

 Maybe I've drunked a little too much...

 And suddenly someone knocks the door; it's the neighbour again!
Turn off the music, now! Tomorrow I have to work at 7,00 AM!

 - Hey baby, are you alone? Why don't have a drink and relax?
- I't's incredible, I am going to call the police!!!

Open the door, Police! Your neighbour has reported you!

You will have to pay a fine: 50.000 pesetas!




In these times of crisis, life in the streets can be very hard for an abandoned doll

Most of the other dolls just pretend they don't see her

Some others give her a coin and walk away without even looking...

There is just one doll that has been able not only to see her...

but to look at her and listen to her story!

Don't worry, come with me! My family will help you!

But this is not a common family

They are so weird!

You may think they are too colorful and naif

... maybe too small

and tacky...

... but they are the best team of stylists in the city!

On sunday they take her new friend to the beach

It's the first time she sees the sea

While the freak bears swim


enjoy the views

and look for shells...

...the 2 dolls realize that they are soulmates!

And she likes playing pinball too!!!
She will have to stay with us forever!
Welcome to our big alternative family!