Beach Sports

 It's sunday and Nancy and Lucas are taking the train to the Beach...
Lucas is taking all the gadgets in orther to spend the perfect day!

Lucas always stays in the left side of the train so he can enjoy the views to the sea

Finally they arrive!

 Lucas is very good at beach tennis.. 

 Nancy is also a great player

Suddenly Lucas is distracted by some other players...

 Nancy knows now that he's gonna loose!

 The Tunantes arrive also to the beach ready to play soccer

When Lucas realises that they are much better than him...

 he has to find out alternative methods to reach the victory!

But the Tunantes don't really care...

 They let Lucas win, because they know how important it is for him to be the Beach Champion!!!

Later on Nancy and Lucas return home to practice their favorite summer sport: the siesta...
but  they have to accept that sometimes destiny is not by your side!


Stripe Variations

They may look like good girls...

they may wear good girl's dresses...

 they may even act like good girls... 

...but they are ready to rock!


The Pool

  The human girls don't let the he leslys jump with them in the trampoline...

 But the Leslys don't care, because the have somewhere much better to go to:

 The Pool!

 There's nothing in the world that can compare to the Pool!

 The Leslys can stay in the water for hours!

It's never time to leave!

 Nancy also likes the Pool, she loves to relax on her air mattress...

 ...until Lucas arrives!

 Lucas is not able to jump by his own... so Nancy has tu push him!

 Lucas is not a very good swimmer, but with the help of his ducky air ring he manages to float!

 When he goes out from the water, he asks Nancy to help him dry because his towel is wet!

Nancy can't undertand why Lucas can'yt do anything without her help,
and she wonders if it's the same with all men...


The Trabuco Experience

 Nancy is about to take a plane... but where is she going?

From the airport of Malaga to VillaNueva del Trabuco she goes by truck!!!

 From her hotel  room window she  can see the olive three fields

And she can even find fresh water melon just in front of the hotel!

 Once in the village she meets a handsome soldier that offers to be her guide!

 He explains her the history of the place and shows her around

 And just when it looks like it's going to happen something...

 Nancy remembers that se has a very important place to go to!!!

 The collectors fair of Villanueva del Trabuco!

 The flea market is great!

 Nancy loves shopping

 This is paradise!

 Marina's Duffle Coats are so betiful that Nancy can't resist the temptation!!!

 And what about Maria Dolores Lopez dresses?

 Nancy talks with the andalucian dolls to discover the segret of their elegance and charm

 The Flea market has been amazing but now it's time for Culture:

 Nancy goes to the exhibition in the town hall showroom 

 here she can learn about her origins and history

 It's great to see so many beautiful and interesting things!

 There she can also admire the Blythes of Amalia, they are amazing!!!

 When the night comes it's time hor the hippie dinner!

 Her favourite part is to dip the candys in the chocolate fountain!

But a real hippie party needs a protest for a good cause

 She convinces the other Nancys to join the demonstration...

 the sit-in finally is a success!!!

 And just after so some idealism, what do you need?
Yes!!! a good dance!!! 

 The night is long and fruitfull... and by the sunrise she's still singing with one of the new friends she's made! 

 The following morning Nancy has to attend to the convention
It's really interesting to know more about the other collectors!

She loves all the designs of the contest!!!

 And what about the Miss Nancy contestants, they are all ravishing!!!

 At the end of the convention she receives a present from the great organisers!

 The present is so beautiful that she can't wait to try it on to go for lunch!

The Nancys are so gratefull for all the nice presents, even from people who finally couldn't come!

 These days have been really great, the Nancys will never forget them!

Just before leaving, Nancy discovers a strange place behind the hotel...

 It's a round space painted with bright colors... she's never been in a place like this!
But what is it? What must they use it for?

Whatever it is that they do usually here, Nancy is sure that best use for this fantastic space would a nice activity... what about a Collectors Convention in 2018?

 Back at home, Nancy looks at the crystal snowball that she received at Trabuco... 

When she looks at her Rosebud, she remembers the Trabuco Experience with nostalgia  and hopes she'll be able to go back there someday!

NANCY Forever!

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