Chucky's Correfoc (Barcelona Festival 2013)

 Today Chucky is going to show us his favourite activity in the Barcelona Festival:

 .El Correfoc!

 Here you can find fire...

lots of fire!!!


 lots of devils!

 and dragons:

 big dragons

 and small...

 ...but ferocious dragons!

 You can also meet new friends!

 and  the type of brave women that Chuky loves

 almost as beautiful as Chucky's bride, Kimberly!

 The devils seem to feel some kind of strange attraction towards Chucky...

 Look at this one!

 But, what is this devil doing?
 Is he trying to kidnap Chucky!?!

 He doesn't know who is messing with!

 After the biggest fight you can imagine

 they finally realize they are the same type of "Good Guy"!

When the Correfoc is over, 
Chucky goes to his favourite bar to recover from so many wonderfull experiences!

If you want to know more about the Merce Barcelona Festival, just click  here to see what the Lourdes dolls discovered last year


Back to school

What are Nancy and her little sister Lesly doing at 8,00 AM walking in the streets?

After 2 months of hollydays, today they are going back to school...

Nancy is happy, she likes studying and learning new things

Lesly is terrified, she hates anything related to classes or books

Come on Lesly, hurry up! We can't be late the first day!!!

Once the classes are over, Nancy tries to help Lesly with her trigonometry homework

But there's no way! Lesly doesn't understand anything!

 Oh my good, how can she be so dim?!?

The religion book is also uncomprehensible for her!

Despite the school advanced pedagocial techniques

and its creative motivation methods... 
She doesn't get any better

Well, it looks like it's going to be a long, very long school year for Lesly!