A Great Valentine's Day

 Today is Valentine's Day
Nancy's so exited!!!

She's dressing up because she is going out for dinner with Lucas!

 She's going to try a new and really cool hair cut

Lucas is going to be amazed!

After more than 3 hours, she's ready!

She just needs the the final touch!

Now she just have to wait for Lucas to call!

But it's getting late... and Lucas doesn't call!

 Nancy's tired of waiting...

She's hungry and decides to have a little apetizer to forget the delay

Wow,  this Nutella  tastes great!

Nancy can't stop eating, this is much better than dinning out with Lucas!!!

After finishing almost the whole jar, Nancy has forgotten about Lucas

But suddenly, the telephone rings: it's Lucas!

He has apologized for not being able to go out for dinner, with the most ridiculous excuse!

The best of it all, is that Nancy doesn't care anymore!

She's had a Great Valentine's Day dressing up and eating Nutella by herself!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day...
...whatever you do or wherever you are, even if you are alone!


Two Way Mirror

 December the 23rd, Nancy is doing her last minute shopping before Christmas

Everything seems to be under control...

 ... until 3 diabolic steps appear in front of her without a previous notice!

 What a disaster!

Nancy can't stand up or walk by herself,
she will have to be taken to the hospital by ambulance!!!

Where does it hurt, Mrs. Nancy?

This is the diagnosis:
Right Leg: broken kneecap and twisted ankle...
...Left leg: a broken foot bone and another twisted ankle!!!

Mrs. Nancy, you should you call your husband and tell him to pick you up...

Ohhh my good, how did it happen!?!

Mr Lucas, your wife will be immobilized for at least 6 weeks...
... you will have to take care of her until she can walk!

Everyday Lucas has to shoot Nancy heparin to avoid the coagulation caused by the inactivity

And every single day, Nancy tries to scape of it!!!

These days Lucas is having plenty of new experiences!!!

 For the first time in his life, Lucas has to cook,

wash the dishes,

and even do the laundry!!!

 And meanwhile, what is Nancy doing?

watching Soap Operas in TV

and chatting by whatsup  with her friends! 
It's also a new way of life for her!

Every saturday morning, Lucas takes Nancy to the supermarket, so she can control the purchasings and plan the week meals...

but even there, she can't avoid to check her whatsup fresh news!

Under Lucas point of view, hopefully this situation will end soon!!!
But under Nancy's point of view, it's a pity that this situation will end someday!!!