Birds of a feather...

It's a great day for a picnic in the parc,
but the Pepas are not having a good time..

     What could we do to have some fun... One more cookie?

Oh my god, this is so boring!
have you got any good cassette to cheer us up?

Look over there, those 3 crummies... they are looking at us!

Hey girls, what's up?!?

 Hi, can we have a seat with you?

No way, man, let us alone and get lost!!!

Come on, don't be stupid, you look really bored!
You need somebody to entertain you!

 You need us to finish up these cookies!!!

... and also to drink your coke!!!

- Oh my good, you are like parasites... are you also going to smoke our cigarettes?!?
- Yes of course, but it'll be worthy...

'cause we'll also protect you from the ferociousness of the wild beasts,

 the cruelty of the giant children, 

and the dangers of the evil machines!!!

and we'll protect you from the biggest terror of them all: 
the stupidity and disrespect of human beings towards the dolls!!!

 Oh, yes!!! This is really a terrible matter...
.. they always stare at us as we were freaks or monsters!

Why are humans so rude, treating us as we were insensible objects?
We may be made of plastic, but we have feelings and thoughts just like them!!!

Don't worry, babe! 
You'll be safe with us!!!

Come on, boys, stop saying bullshit and hurry up or we'll miss the last train home!!!

You know the saying, birds of a feather flock together...