IKEA Weekend (the stripes obsession 12)

 It's a rainy saturday, what better place to hang around than IKEA?

 It's looks like we are not the only ones who had these great idea!!!

The playround looks great!

 But we will have to take the kids with us...

 ...we'll stay togehter and shop like an authentic IKEA FAMILY

 In IKEA things are very cheap!

 Well, maybe not all of them!

You can buy little unexpected and unnecessary things

 and the very big and useful ones

 You can have lots of fun playing to use the measure tape like a real designer!

 These lamps will fit for sure in our home!

 This basket will fit too, Barbie will love it!

 IKEA is also a great place to make new acquaintances

 There's some people who's too shy...

 .. but some people just don't know where the limits are!!!

 It's time to rest a little, shopping in the crowds can be so exhausting!

 And now, it's time to pick up the shopping cart

 Driving in the middle of the trolley traffic can be vey dangerous!

 You never know, you could even find huge buses!

 We are done! Which cash desk has less queue?

 You always end up spending twice as you planned!

 Once the shopping is over, no IKEA FAMILY can skip their special healthy meal!

 And finally, ready to drive back home!

I'ts time to do the assembling...

 ...without the Wallys' help it would be impossible to understand the manual's drawings!

For the kids, assembling IKEA furniture it's as fun and educational like playing with LEGO!

After spending the whole weekend working hard...
Oh my god! We took the bad reference number! This is not a Nancy's closet!!!

 This is a Lissi's closet! That's why it was so cheap!

 Don't worry! We will keep it and pay you for it. We just love it!

But you will have to go back next weekend to get a real Nancy's closet
Everybody knows... you can't go to IKEA just once! There's always an excuse to go back!