Captain Nancy in Menorca

 Nancy is in the ferry to spènd some days in Menorca

 She's staying in a house located in the old center of Ciutadella
She loves to meet her neighbours at the dawn sitting in the street to have some fresh air!

 The first days she enjoys exploring the beautiful calas of the island

 There's some many thing to discover in the limpid waters...

 ...that she could spend hours and hours diving into them

 She also has discored a very interesting place in Ciutadella:

 They call it the Fish Market

 But you can fnd much more other food there!

She really enjoys walking throgh the narrow streets of Ciutadella with her new Menorca Sandals!

 One day she meets a very interesting and millionaire guy and invites her to his yatch

 The first day onboard she just enjoys the good life

 but as days days pass sailing...

 ...she discovers that she could do much more!

 She wants to drive the Boat

It's like a dream come true:
Nancy has become the first Doll Boat Captain in history!!!

It's a pitty that all her great experiences in the yatch doesn't help to face the big storm in the ferry in her way back home!!!


Invitation to a clip filming

 Moxie has been invited to a videoclip filming

She's really happy to see all the professionals working like the makeup artist Kikue..,

 ...and specially the influencer Mar Lucas!

 She watches carefully all her movements

 and tries to copy everything she does

Moxie even changes her clothes when Mar does so

 It is also an honour to see Sun Kissed See Washed filming

 she shows a great control of the situation

 She can also see the great MarcVargas working in the making off!

 She feels so lucky to be able to witness all the filming process

and she secretly desires to be also a famous influencer someday!


Discovering your vocation

One day Barbie was on the Barceloneta beach just meditating...

 and suddently a beatiful girl arrived. 
She was spectacular!

 There was a photographer taking pictures of her

Barbie couldn't take her eyes out of the photo session!
She was really impressed!

It was precisely then when Barbie realised what she wanted to do with her future!