cycling in the city

 It's a sunny winter afternoon...

Could you think of anything better than to have a bicycle ride?

Yes! A bicycle ride in a sunny winter afternoon with a friend!

 You can go to the park and meet very strange bikes...

 and take a rest by the lake

 When it's time to go home, you can take the cycling road

 But beware of the traffic!

 Actually, the problems begin when you have to ride on the real streets...

 If the cars look too big, noisy and smelly when you're behind them...

 ...imagine what can it be to be behind a bus!

It's not that easy to ride your bike in the city!

 That's why most of the cyclists do not follow strictly the traffic rules:
the red light or the against direction do not exist for them!

 They even dare to cycle in the sidewalks and in the pedestrian roads!!!

 The pedestrian are not always so understanding...

 It's not easy for walkers and cyclists to share the streets!

 But the worst part of it all is when it comes to park your bike!

  If the bicycles' parking is full... can always find creative ways to park it!

Don't forget to lock carefully your bike!

Even if you secure any single part of your bike...

 you can have very unpleasent surprises when you come back!

 The experienced cyclists know that to report the theft to the police it's not usefull at all...
... it's better to buy a hundred of lockers more or just pray for your bike every night!

In spite of all the uncountable logistic and security problems...
... cycling in the city it's one of the most rewarding experiences you can have!



Like many people in this city these dolls are trying to get over this crisis selling some things they don't need or that they have found in the streets

                                         But look who's behind the bicycle's guy: the police!

They have to pick up all their stuff, run away and move to another place...

Come on, people: nice bags, good prices!!!

You cannot miss this opportunity!

Hey, I have seen this tracksuit before you!
It's mine, it's mine!

Ladies, ladies, take it easy, there's enough bargains for everyone!

OK, OK, if you keep the jumper I'll take the trousers!

Wow, nice shoes! Can I try them?
It's a pitty there's just one of the pair!!!

Wow, a vintage barbie! A good addition for my doll collection!

How much is this reflex camera?!?

And suddenly, the police car again!!!

Oh my god! they're a getting off the car, we have to scape again!!!
If we stay, they will confiscate our goods!

Are we really the biggest security problem to solve in this city?
Don't they have anything more important or urgent to occupy themselves?