No More Excuses

 Last Saturday we went to a demonstration

 The message was very clear

 The solution cannot be posposed for any longer!

Maybe if we shout it loud all together

The world will begin to pay atention to us!!!

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Another Unforgettable Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day and Lucas has invited Nancy to his place to have dinner!

Nancy has been to the best Hairdresser of the city to curly her hair to be ready for this important  date!

Her hair is now perfect, but she has nothing to wear, so she to find a trendy dress...

 Don't panic!

  She's in the neighborhood with the trendiest shops...

 and shoe stores!

 While she walks through the streets she can feel it... love is in the air! 

 But when she arrives to Lucas place this is the dreadfull scene she finds!!!

- Lucas, what are you doing in your pijama's eating junk food??? Have you forgotten is Valentine's Day?

  - Eh.... of course not, Nancy! I just thought it woud be nice to have an informal Valentine's date...

 - Lucas I'm not going to have fries for Valentine's dinner!!!

 - Don't worry, Nancy, I am going to call to order for the perfect Valentine's dinner...

 - Well Lucas, cold pizza was not exactly my idea of the perfect Valentine's dinner....

- What about an Street Fighter game to go on with this ideal Valentine's Day?

 - Are you kidding me, Lucas?!? I'm not going to play battle videogames with you in Valentine's day!

 I have been hours dressing up and I was expecting a romantic evening...
I'm sorry but I have leave you!!!

 - Don't leave Nancy!!!  I think I know what you want!

- Let's listen to some romantic music...

 - José Luis Perales! 
Oh my God, Lucas! I can't believe that you really think this is what I really want...

Just 5 minutes of José Luis Perales tape and Nancy falls deeply asleep...

 Lucas already knew she wouldn't be able to stand it for very long...
the Perales somniferous effect is irresistible!

Finally the day is over... It's been another unforgettable Valentine's day!

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Willa's World

 Willa is an smart and beautiful girl that loves to draw and paint...
specially animals!

Guess who are her favourite animals?
Yes, the Sylvanian Families!

She always makes sure that her Sylvanians have all they need:
First of all they need a good house to live in

But they also need a Bakery to buy the best bread and croissants and even with pizza home delivery

Willa's Sylvanians have a supermarket with fresh and organic food

And they also have a Burger Restaurant to go when they don't feel like eating home

They even have a Sweets Store and a Candy Cart with all types of candys!

In Willa's World, babys happyness is really important
She has built a nursery for them with everything they may need

Willa is so good in handycrafts that she makes all types gadgets, like furniture, food or seasonal decorations

Thank you for letting us be a part of your Wonderful World!
We love you, Willa!


Mentirosilla - the Story of the Educational Doll

The Telvitas are about to read the story of Mentirosilla, 
well actually not reading,,, they still don't know how to read!

One of them knows the story by heart because her mother has told her dozens of times, 
so she wants to explain  it to the others while they look at the pictures!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful blonde girl that had a very big defect:
she was always telling lies!

That's why the other girls called her "Mentirosilla" and they didn't want to be her friend

Even the little birds told her that they could not be her friend if she was not telling always the truth!

Mentirosilla had also the bad habitude of accusing the other girls of the mischiefs that she commited!

But one day, while she was telling another of her lies to the girls, her nails began to grow and grow...
She was frightened and tried to hide her nails, but they were so long that the other girls saw it 

Mentirosilla still told them another lie, and her hair began also to grow and tangle up until it almost covered her completely!

She cried because with those long nails and hair she was really ugly
She knew then that all that was her punishment for being a liar

The birds felt pity for her and they regretted they were not able to hep her!

The Telvitas are also very sorry for Mentirosilla!!!
They can't imagine what can she do!!!

Mentirosilla regretted all her lies and went to visit the teacher and her schoolmates

She told them that she was really sorry and that she would never lie again. 
She felt very sad without her friends!!!

Then a young fairy appeared and approached Mentirosilla smiling. 

The Fairy told Mentirosilla that she had made grow her nails and hair because of her lies but now she knew that she would not do it again.
So she took the scissors and began to cut them

That's how Mentirosilla became a Beautiful and Good Girl.
The next day, when she was going to school she saw that her friends were waiting for her

They told her that they were always going to be her friend and that they loved her!!!

When the Telvitas finish the story they are really touched!

It's been really an eductional story
Thank you  for teaching us how to become beautiful and good girls, Mentirosilla!!!

Let's hope you have liked Mentirosilla story, but if you haven't, there's no need to say you have... never know if your nails and hair will begin to grow wildly!