Willa's World

 Willa is an smart and beautiful girl that loves to draw and paint...
specially animals!

Guess who are her favourite animals?
Yes, the Sylvanian Families!

She always makes sure that her Sylvanians have all they need:
First of all they need a good house to live in

But they also need a Bakery to buy the best bread and croissants and even with pizza home delivery

Willa's Sylvanians have a supermarket with fresh and organic food

And they also have a Burger Restaurant to go when they don't feel like eating home

They even have a Sweets Store and a Candy Cart with all types of candys!

In Willa's World, babys happyness is really important
She has built a nursery for them with everything they may need

Willa is so good in handycrafts that she makes all types gadgets, like furniture, food or seasonal decorations

Thank you for letting us be a part of your Wonderful World!
We love you, Willa!


  1. Willa is so cute and talented. I love her little town!

    1. Tahnk you, Vanessa, Willa is inspired in a realgirl I know, and it's true that she's cute and talented!!! regards!

  2. Preciosa Willa y preciosas tus casitas de Sylvanian!!! Mira que no me gusta la American doll pero esta me parece superbonita. Me encanta la entrada, como siempre!

    1. Muchas gracias, Belén. Willa forma parte de unas American Girls que han salido que son más pequeñas y con el cuerpo todo de vinilo, se llaman Welliewishers y aa mi también me gustan más que las normales! Saludos!!!

  3. Oh que entrada más tierna...¡nos encanta! saludos desde Nancy historia de siempre.
    Besossss y abrazos.