Love Story (the adventures of Barbie in Morocco)

Although Barbie has brought the minimum luggage for her Morocco holidays, 
she will have to pay to Ryanair 60 euros for each extra bag!

She reads carefully the safety instructions of the airplane, 
but she still cannot undertand why high heels have to be forbidden

Marrakech in August can be really hot, 
but she doesn't give up and goes for a walk around the city

At the gardens of the Koutoubia she meets a man and woman reading a very big book, 
and she decides introduce herself and to ask them what are they doing...

He is Jamil from Saudi Arabia and she is Saghira from Morocco
They are reading the Koran and praying because it is Ramadan.

Barbie runs away from the heat of Marrakech and goes to Rabat to visit her good old friends Braulio, Macario and Ollo.

While sightseeing Rabat she meets Jamil who is in the city to visit his family

He offers Barbie to drive her around and to show her the city

they visit the Kashba,

the cats of the Medina,

the Tour Hassan,

and the mausoleum of Mohammed V

He makes her promise to have dinner with him and his family and helps her to call her friends to let them know she will be dinning out

At the dinner Barbie meets Jamil's sister, Jamila, and their cousin from Egipt, Kareema
Barbie doesn't understand why they are so wrapped-up with this heat...

The next day they invite her to the beach
Jamila is scared of what is about to happen because their parents want Jamil to marry Saghira

At the dawn, while the girls are having their f'tour...
... Jamil declares his true love to Barbie
Oh, Habibi!

Scaping from Rabat and from Jalim, Barbie stops in Casablanca
She's very confused, she needs time to think and wants to disappear in the crowds like Wally

she visits the Great Mosque

she is impressed by the size and richness of the whole

Once back in Marrakech, the girls invite her to the hammam
On the intimacy of a femenine atmosphere she discovers what lies under the beautiful kaftans

 They explain to her that a femme comme il faut should have her hair covered in public and wear discrete clothes

Jamil is also back in Marrakech. They have a rendez-vous in the Majorelle garden.
 They write their names in the bamboo trunks like all lovers use to do.

It's Barbies last day in Morocco and she does some shopping in the souk before meeting Jamil for their last dinner together

 Barbie tries hard to fit and look like a respectable woman but she does with her own personal style...

Jamil takes her to the best restaurant of Marrakech and after dinner aks her to be his wife and to be with him for ever

Barbie can't accept the proposal. The following day in the airport she explains it to Jamil.
She's deeply in love with him, but she knows it won't work:
I'm sorry. but I cannot be the perfect muslim wife, I am used to be free and live my own way

Love means never having to say you're sorry, Barbie
Adieu, ma petite cherie!

From the window of the airplane, Barbie sees Marrakech getting smaller and smaller
She thinks sadly of her moroccan adventures and the magical moments spent with Jamil
Don't worry Barbie, we know you'll get through it!


  1. True love in casablanca!

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    1. Hi, I have just sent you an email, bot I am not sure if it was the right adress: Regards

  3. This is amazing! I'm in love with this story and your pictures!

    1. Thank you for your visit and your comments, Richard!

  4. Hi this is brilliant! love your work. i especially love 'He offers Barbie to drive her around and to show her the city' picture. do you take requests? I would like the arab barbie sitting down instead of the american one to use for a photo album

    1. Thank you for your comment! it's the first time somebody asks me to do a special picture, whatdo you need exactly for? what type of photo album? regards

  5. i actually created Saghira the Moroccan doll you used in this, love it, funny.

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like it! nice design!