The Annual Cycle

 The Annual Cycle is our link to the passage of time...
It makes us repeat again and again the same things, but always in a different way!
These are some of the high points of the CyborgDolls' Annual Cycle:

 January like every year is not only cold...

starts with the overweight after the holidays

 and the Winter Sales

 The CyborgDolls love Winter Sales!

At the End of January starts the Calçotada Season

A great oportunity to return to Nature

and to your fiends 

in a different context!

Carnival arives every year in a different date...

 but always is fun!

40 days later... Palm Sunday and Easter!

 And suddenly one unexpected afternoon you realize that the spring in the Air!

 Every 23rd April: Sant Jordi, 
The CyborgDolls' favorite day of the whole cycle!

The first sunday of May: Mothers' Day

Around the beginnig of June

The Best Music Festival:

Primavera Sound!

 And Finally: last day of School!
and the beginning of the Long Summer Days 

In Autumn the Castanyada...

and panellets...

 lots of panellets!

Like every year, Christmas arrives sooner than you expect...

 again decorations...

 again elfs...

 and food...

lots of food!!!

 and drinks...

 lots of drinks!!!

 And the best part of Holidays at the end:

 The Wise Men woth their presents!

 They never disappoint!

 And of course, the same results every year!

 But the CyborgDolls never get depressed, one day of sales shopping...

and ready again to start a new Annual Cycle!


  1. A wonderful annual cycle, your dolls lead fantastic lives :). I love Nancy's yellow handbag by the way!

  2. Y que sigamos, año tras año, compartiendo las vidas de nuestras muñecas en los blogs.

    1. Si, que podamos seguir por muchos años!un abrazo!

  3. Da gusto entrar aqui y ver tus hermosas fotos llenas de vida humana mezclada con nuestro mundo muñequil.Feliz año nuevo y que sigamos compartiendo ilusion por las muñecas.Bsss

    1. Muchas gracias! Nos vamos viendo por aqui! Un abrazo!!!

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