the prototype family in Benidorm (the stripes obsession 11)

 The prototype family has been working hard and saving money all year long to be able enjoy some days of holydays in August

In Benidorm they can not only find the most beautiful and natural beaches...

they can also have a nice walk every evening along the palm trees promenade

practise any type of modern nautical sports

and even dream that someday they will be able to afford a yatch of their own

In Benidorm you can find many interesting activities for children like Lesly

and also a very intensive night life

As well as being a responsible and loving mother...

...Nancy can't resist the temptation of the Bingo!

Yes, the Prototype family will try to come back to Benidorm next year!


Miriam's Nancys (back to the future 02)

We have been almost 30 years in the attic and now we want to explore the future

But we need help to dress up and to fit in this new world!

Don't worry, we will help you!
We are the Nancys of the 21st century, the best stylists you could ever meet!
First you need a bath, you stink!

It's obvious we haven't been in a bath for ages...

Now you are ready for our beauty saloon!
Please relax, it will only take 3 or 4 hours...

Hey, be careful, it hurts!!!

 I am going to give a new life to your curls

You were so pale, I had to apply tones of make up!

Look at these girdles and bras, they could be my grandmother's!
 Your cloths are dirty and old. You need a personal shopper

We don't like the cloths you've bought for us
Why everything has to be pink?

Ok, if you preffer oldfashioned cloths... let's see what we find in your old chest.
Well, it's not that bad, we love these vintage coats! Can we keep them?

When your old things are called vintage, you realize that you are not young anymore...
Welcome to back to the future, Nancys!


just a perfect day

Today the Trini Sisters have gone on a trip to the countryside

Once in a while they love to scape from their urban routine and relax in the wild nature

It's nice have a little bath in the cristalline water of the Gualba river

and enjoy the peaceful sounds and amazing views of the Montseny mountains

After the excursion, the picnic appetizer: assorted haribo gummi bears

The main course of their lunch: Cheetos Pandilla 
(but they still call them Drakis)

 They really appreciate healthy and organic food

They have inspected the humans baskets looking for something interesting for desert...
...but they have only found salads and fruits!

To have a good digestion, nothing better than to look for some new adventures in the playpen

Aren't the Trini Sisters afraid of anything?

 Well, maybe the elephant slide is too sloping for them...

But they have been lucky: they have met a new friend that has helped them to go down

Now they are back at home and already sleeping.
They are so tired after just a perfect day!


Dancing Robots

Bioloid Robot dancing the Chiki Chiki dance by Chiquilicuatre

Bioloid Premium robot dancing the Macarena for Korea Robo-One Competition


eye transplant (cyborg atellier 02)

Nancy  wants to marry a prince and become a princess...
but which prince would like a girl with only one eye?!?

Lissi is the best nurse of the principality, the only one who can solve this problem

She has found the perfect eye donor for a transplant

Jack wants to be a pirate, so he does not need his eye as much as a princess does

Before the operation is important to have a good anesthesia

Lissi uses the most sophisticated and modern technologies

The transplant has been a success:
Jack has transformed into the most fearsome pirate and Nancy into the most beautiful princess! 

 You are our hero, Lissi!!!



As everybody knows Barbie is a great architect...

...that's why she could not miss the FADfest party!

Barbie choosed to wear her Debut bathing suit. A very wise decision to fit into this special event!

She explored the architectural models from inside

She observed closely architectural proposals. 

 What a wonderfull mixture of light, colors and volumes!

 What a subtile distribution of sinuous endless lines!

As any other good architect, Barbie also appreciates design and art.

 She loved Josep Guardiola portrait

Oh, my god!

 The 80's Black Barbie joined the silkstone one later

She also admired the design solutions

But, what a cruelty! Why is this Barriguitas hanged here?!?

After so many interesting arty experiences, 
Barbie had to queue for the rest rooms to fix her make-up to get ready for the party!

The Capucine Corolle is not so intellectual as Barbie.
She arrived just in time for the party...

 As drinks passed by, she was more out of focus...

... more and more dazed and confused!