and the winner is...

The great Marisa Desaztre ( here you can see her blog ) has given to the cyborgdolls 2 prizes!!!
It's the first time of their lifes that they receive a prize. They are really happy!
As tonight is the ceremony of the Oscars awards, they have decided to make a little making-of  and do the delivery of the new prizes.

 This is the Nancy who is responsible of all the entries of Cyborgdolls

 She carries all the dolls in a bag and walk the streets looking for the best places to do the shootings. She has to stand the glimpses of the people who is not used like us to see the dolls in action.

 She directs the rest of the dolls and constructs the situations and the story

 She takes the pictures and compose the final entries when she gets back home

That's why she's the one who wants to collect and redistribute the prizes and answer all the questions.

The first prize is:

Nancy's 7 favorite books:
Jim button and Luke the engine driver (Michael Ende)
Any of Mafalda books (Quino)
Charlie and the chocolate factory (Roald Dahl)
The little Prince  (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
Pippi Longstocking (Astrid Lindgren)
El zoo d'en Pitus (Sebastià Sorribas)
 Any of Jane Austen books

 Nancy's 7 favorite films:
Nightmare before Christmas
Pinchcliffe Grand Prix
Toy Story
The Goonies
Indiana Jones
The Party

Nancy's favorite section of a blog:
dolls pictures and dioramas

How many pages had the longest book you've ever read?
I cannot remember...

The best film adaptation of a book
Death in Venice

And the Stupendous blog award goes to:

The second prize is:

What is what you like the most of life?
Going to the flea market to find new friends for our blog

A message you'd like to share:
Never stop playing!

And the Un Blog Real prize goes to:
la caja de sorpresas 2

Thank you, Marisa!


Dolls, Lies and Lemon Cupcakes

 Today the Lissis are really nervous. 
They are receiving the visit of their italian cousins, the Corinnes.
Last time they met was in 1978!

But what time is it? They should have arrived long ago!

Hello dear cousins!!! We are so happy to be here and see you again!
(We wish we could be anywhere else, like shopping or in the beauty saloon)
We hope we are not too late...

 Don't worry, you arrived just on time like always!
(1 hour late! They will never learn!!!)

 Wow, you have not changed at all! You look so young and beautiful as always!!!
 (Oh my god, they look so old and ugly!!!)
Let's go to the garden to have some tea!

 We have been the whole day preparing our special lemon cupcakes in your honor!
(lemon cupcakes were this week's offer in the convenient store...)
Come on, eat up!

Thank you! They look great!
(They look like rotten porridge!)

  Mmmm, lemon is my favorite fruit!
(I think I will not be able to eat this stuff, lemon causes me retching...)

 So, what do think of our lemon cupcakes?

 Absolutely Delicious!!! You have to pass us the recipe to make them in Italy!
(We will burn it as soon as we leave the house...)

 Really? We knew you'd love them...
(At least they should try to lie better, it's obvious they don't like them!)

It's nice to see that our friendship and frank relationship has not changed after so many years!


Fight and Party for your rights!

 What's happening?
There's no cars in the big avenue, you can walk freely in the roads!!!

It's full of people demonstrating!

 Let's take our old banners from the 60's and join them!

What are you looking at?
Well,  maybe it's not exactly the motto of the protest, but we got the spirit...

 Not everybody takes it so literal...

 Some people take the opportunity to express their ideals

You see, we were not so far from the basic idea!

 We are not the only ones!

You can protest and at the same time have fun!

Free yourself!

Fight and Party for your rights!


Barcelona 080

 Rio Pacheco has flown specially from the US to Barcelona to asist to the 080 Fashion

 He's conviced that he'll be the star of the show, all the lights will shine on him..

 But nobody welcomes him as he expected, he has to queue like all common people

Once inside, he likes the ceilling... very eighties, Jem and the Holograms would love it!

The show starts... it's great!

 Well, finally people begins to look at him and one journalist has noticed him...

 But the show ends and he's still alone...

  I'll grab a beer and walk around. I'm sure that now that lights are on people will recognize me!

They are so shy these european fashion people...

 Nobody talks to him, they just look and seem astonished!

Blue, alone and jetlagged. He needs to rest for a while...

But Rio doesn't give up! He has to find somebody to talk to!

And finally... Yes!!! The best friends he could ever make!