Night of Witches (Sant Joan 2015)

 Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our traditional celebration of the Night of Witches!
We are in our favorite terrace again and we are ready to share with you our Summer Solstice Rituals

Our volunteers this year are:

 The great and renomed flying doll: Barbie Boom!

The unic and imcomparable doll: Vintage Powder!

 and the young but brave doll: Helena Pertard!

We are going to start with the youngest.. Let's see how she reacts to danger...

And more difficult still...


She has becomed our new hero!

Barbie Boom is now ready to touch the stars...

Oh, my good an inititial failure!!!

 Let's see if Vintage Powder can take off with 2 propulsion rockets ...

the experiment has been a total success!!!

But Barbie Boom is not satisfied with her first failure...
She will never surrender!
This time she will try to reach the moon with 4 propulsion rockets!!!

That's one small step for doll, one giant leap for dollkind!!!

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for us to say goodbye...
We hope you have enjoyed our annual Summer Solstice Rituals, 
and that we can meet again next year!

(if you want to see what happened the previous years click here and here)


Barceloneta Dreamin'

The Nancys have been dreaming for a long time to spend their holidays in the Barceloneta...
And finally, here they are: ready to discover and enjoy!

Like any other tourist in the world, they don't want to be like any other tourist in the world...

They are different, they feel different! They don't want to do the tings that the rest of tourists do, like taking pictures to the monuments and just going where the Lonely Planet tells you to go.

They want to discover the real Barceloneta

its inhabitants

its real neighbours!

their life in the streets

and their warm welcome towards the foreigners

After a long and concious walk around the neighbourhood (of more or less 15 minutes), 
they can conclude that everything is under control...

So it's time to go to the beach!

It's not the most paradisiacal beach in the world.... it's full of people

and the views are not exactly natural...

but it's very gratifying to realise that they are not as white as the locals...

 and  that the water is surprinsingly clean!

In the Barceloneta beach, you can find any type of service you could imagine: 
fresh Mojitos and Sangrias!

 Body massages!

 pareos and dresses for everyone!

 and cans of beer until dawn!

And when the great beach day is coming to the end...

The bright Barceloneta night life is waiting for our Nancys...

They are not sure of the meaning of the banner on the balcony... 
...but they guess that it must be a welcome message for the tourists! 

Yes, it's going to be another great night in Barceloneta!


creative commons

It's been already more than 3 years and 120 posts since Nancy started the CyborgDolls Blog!

 During all this time Nancy has shared lots of experiences and feelings with us...

We have witnessed how she saves the dolls from the misery of the fleamarkets to transform them into blogger stars

We have visited lots of places with her

 She has even let us attend to one of her photo sessions.

Starting the Blog is one of the best things she's done in her life.
Thanks to Cyborgdolls, Nancy has made many good friends and has enjoyed her doll collection from a different point of view.

Nancy spends a lot of time preparing the dolls, taking the pictures, selecting and editing them and constructing the CyborgDolls histories. 
But sit's really worthy: it's not for money, it's just for fun!

She also enjoys watching the other bloggers' and collectors' work. She doesn't care if they use the Cyborgdolls pictures on their blogs, webs or facebook pages, on the contrary, she's grateful to them!

¡¡¡But she's tired of seeing how some enterprises use the Cyborgdolls images for their own comercial interests without asking her permission and not atributting the work as they should!!!

So after some reflexion and a good sleep...

 ...she's decided to talk with a good friend who has advised her to check the Creative Commons Licenses

She's been searching on the Internet and she's discovered that the Creative Commons world is great. I'ts amazing to see how many possiblities you have depending on your necessities.

You just have to make your choice!

 This is Nancy's choice in the name of the CyborgDolls community...

... So please, respect it!