Night of Witches (Sant Joan 2015)

 Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our traditional celebration of the Night of Witches!
We are in our favorite terrace again and we are ready to share with you our Summer Solstice Rituals

Our volunteers this year are:

 The great and renomed flying doll: Barbie Boom!

The unic and imcomparable doll: Vintage Powder!

 and the young but brave doll: Helena Pertard!

We are going to start with the youngest.. Let's see how she reacts to danger...

And more difficult still...


She has becomed our new hero!

Barbie Boom is now ready to touch the stars...

Oh, my good an inititial failure!!!

 Let's see if Vintage Powder can take off with 2 propulsion rockets ...

the experiment has been a total success!!!

But Barbie Boom is not satisfied with her first failure...
She will never surrender!
This time she will try to reach the moon with 4 propulsion rockets!!!

That's one small step for doll, one giant leap for dollkind!!!

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for us to say goodbye...
We hope you have enjoyed our annual Summer Solstice Rituals, 
and that we can meet again next year!

(if you want to see what happened the previous years click here and here)


  1. Si ve esto mi hijo seguro que queda inspirado ! pobriñas!!!

    1. Jjajaj. Siempre encontramos unas altruistas voluntarias que se prestan a seguir con la tradición. Pero que conste que este tipo de violencia muñequil solo es aceptada excepcionalmente una noche al año!!!!

  2. ayyyy... noooo... pobrecitas!!!