Sant Joan 2016

 There are some dolls that in Sant Joan just enjoy eating coca. de llardons..

 ...some other dolls enjoy the exitement of the firecrackers

 and the smell of the powder 

 but there's still another type of dolls:

 they are rare dolls, real heros...

 ...just for one day!

The launching of the cannonball doll was not easy, but finally it was a success!
Watch the video above to see what happened

Whatever type of doll you may be, the following morning is always tough!


Nancy con los amigos... del Trabuco!

 Today Nancy is really exited....
she's flying from Barcelona to Malaga, to attend to the 4th Convention of Nancy's collectors of Villanueva del Trabuco!!!

 Once in Villanueva del Trabuco, she discovers that it's a beautiful and welcoming town

After visiting the great exhibition of dolls that some of the greatest collectors of the country have prepared, 

 Nancy attends to the fleamarket in the municipal pavilion:
where not only she can find the most luxurious original outfits...

 but also the best hand made shoes and accessories a doll can dream of!

In the evening she goes to the Ibiza party
She feels like a real Hollywood Star while posing in the Photocall!

But when she enters the party she finds out that she has misunderstood the whole concept:
She's the only doll who is not dressed in white!!!

She feels a little ashamed and out of place... and she decides run away and hide in the garden!

 While hiding in the garden, 2 dolls approach her and introduce themselves...

They persuade her to go back to the party

and they intrude her to the rest of the dolls, 
Nancy discovers that all of them are so great and that they have so much in common!

So at the end of the night they end up dancing and having a very good time!

The following day, as she walks around the Paneque's hotel, 

Nancy meets the two dolls of the night before

It feels like they have been friends for ever!

Finally it's time to go together to the final event of the convention

The ceremony and the lunch have been great!
Everything was perfectly organised and they have received lots of beautiful presents like the pink Tshirts or the bags with the olive oil

Before going back home, Nancy asks them to show her the surroundings of Villanueva del Trabuco

They walk along the olive groves

and they even climb to the trees to enjoy the landscape views!

Nancy's spends her last hours in Villanueva del Trabuco with her new friends.
They will always remember these precious moments they have shared these last 3 days!  

 While going back to Barcelona, Nancy can't stop thinking of how grateful she is to all the people that has made possible the Trabuco experience she has just lived. specially to Belen and Antonio. 
Thank you very much!!!


Hen Party

Today is Nancy's Hen Party!
Her friends have organised everything to make this day unforgettable

 They are so absurdly dressed and make so much noise that everybody looks at them, 
but that's the main objective of this type of event, isn't it?

 Nancy's friends are going to take her to the best street in the wold to celebrate a Hen Party...

 ... but this is  just a street, Les Rambles in Barcelona... what makes it so special?

 This is not like any other street, you'll see... it's full of  hen parties like ours!!!

Everywhere you look at, you'll find people all over the world celebrating, drinking and shouting...

...isn't it amazing?!?

But let's go to buy some drinks to cheer us up... you can find cheap alchool anywhere in this city!

 and drink it wherever you preffer...

So... now they are ready to make new friends!

Wow, it looks like their new friend is getting closer with the bride!

Maybe is the absinthe effect...

 .. but Nancy's seems to cause an irressitible atraction to all men around!

So, what should they do next?

Though they have already been hours hanging out, 
it's still too soon to enter a disco...

 So, they decide to go to a playground to wait and drink a little more...

...but just after a few minutes, all of them fall asleep!

Shhh! don't speak loud, let them sleep...
.. it's been a hard day's night!