Hen Party

Today is Nancy's Hen Party!
Her friends have organised everything to make this day unforgettable

 They are so absurdly dressed and make so much noise that everybody looks at them, 
but that's the main objective of this type of event, isn't it?

 Nancy's friends are going to take her to the best street in the wold to celebrate a Hen Party...

 ... but this is  just a street, Les Rambles in Barcelona... what makes it so special?

 This is not like any other street, you'll see... it's full of  hen parties like ours!!!

Everywhere you look at, you'll find people all over the world celebrating, drinking and shouting...

...isn't it amazing?!?

But let's go to buy some drinks to cheer us up... you can find cheap alchool anywhere in this city!

 and drink it wherever you preffer...

So... now they are ready to make new friends!

Wow, it looks like their new friend is getting closer with the bride!

Maybe is the absinthe effect...

 .. but Nancy's seems to cause an irressitible atraction to all men around!

So, what should they do next?

Though they have already been hours hanging out, 
it's still too soon to enter a disco...

 So, they decide to go to a playground to wait and drink a little more...

...but just after a few minutes, all of them fall asleep!

Shhh! don't speak loud, let them sleep...
.. it's been a hard day's night!


  1. Buenísimo!!!!, estas ya me llevan la delantera , que todavía no he probado la absenta

    1. jajaja, estas no se cortan con nada... nos podrian enseñas muchas cosas!!!

  2. What a party! They were too cute in their hen party outfits. I loved it. They met some really nice people along the way.

    1. Tahnk you Vanessa, they really had a great party!