The Smell of Pineta

 More than 30 years ago Nancy used to spend her summers in Pineta,
a small and beautiful valley in the Huesca Pyrenees 

This summer she has decided to go back to remember those wonder years...

This is the summer camp house!
It has not changed a bit!

But Nancy has not come alone to Pineta Valley...
She has brought her niece Lesly with her so she can know also this beautiful place

Look Lesly! these are the kids of this years' summer camp!
They look like they are having a great time!!!

 So what do you think about this place, Lesly?
Do you like it?

 Would you like to come next year to the summer camp?
If you do, you will have to come to the river every morming to clean yoursef, Lesly!

 And  from time to time you may even have a little surprise!

 Come with me to explore the area so you get conviced that this is the best place in earth to spend your summer!!!

 Well... I don't know if I will like to be here, Aunt Nancy!
This  place is full of bugs and there is not a single Mc Donalds in the area!!!

Don't worry about the bugs, they will not kill you!
You just walk and enjoy the landscape, Lesly!

 Don't you think is great here?!?

 We just have to sit and wait for the Von Trapp Family to appear!

 Ok, Aunt, I have to admit that is not that bad as I expected...

 If you are thisty, you just have to go to the river and full your canteen bottle!

 This is the purest water you can find in earth!

 Fresh and clean, you can't compare this to the water you find in your swimmingpool or in the crowded beaches!

Well, I think that maybe I could come back next summer to give this Pineta Valley a second chance...

And Do you know what is the best of it all, Lesly?
The Mountains Smell... I'm sure you will never forget it!