Why content yourself with just one if you can have two!
Have twice as fun:
Celebrate halloween and castanyada at the same time!!!


Mushroom Hunters

The leafs are red and the breeze is chillier... 
Autumn it's the favourite time ot the year for the Mushroom hunters!!!

Follow me!
 I know the way to the prairie where the best mushrooms grow

Wow, this is full of beautiful and delicious mushrooms!

This one is gigantic!!!

 You and your mushrooms are boring!!!
I'll go for a walk into the forest by myself to find some new adventures!

Ok, go and we'll meet at home,...but be careful, you never know what you can find in the wilderness!

After being some minutes walking randomly...

Nancy enters the wild woods
This forest is amazing!!!
Look at this mushroom,  iI's so small and delicate, I'll try it!

After tasting just a little piece of the mushroom, Nancy falls down!

She feals like floating: she's awake but dreaming at the same time: everything is full of mushrooms...

and flowers.. huge flowers!!!

While Nancy is having the most surreal trip of her life, her friends are worried!
She should be already back!

We have to find her!

Finally Nancy weaks up! 
But she feels confused and disoriented: he doesn't know how to get back home!

But suddenly, she remebers the main lesson of the Junior Woodchucks' guide:
By reading the nature signs you can always find your way

The moss grows in the north side!

Here we are! 
Home sweet home!!!

Our Mushroom Hunters are finally together and promise not to separate never again!


Is this the end or just a new beginning???

 September 21st, 2013 - it's a very special day for Nancy: the last day of the Encants Vells Market 

Just in front of the doors of the market she meets the regular street sellers trying to sell anything  found in the garbage

Once inside, she gets absorbed by the chaotic and lively scenario

 She loves to get lost among the unpredictable merchandise and people

She spends hours searching


 and searching!

 You never know the treasures you could miss!!!

In the market you can also meet new friends: humans or...


lots of dolls!!!

Many of them have had very bad experiences in life, like physical maltreatments

or family abandonment

Nancy would like to be able to take them all home ...
But it's impossible: they are too big and expensive for her!

All she can do is confort them and give them hope.
Someday a human will rescue them and give them a new life, like it happened to her some years ago!

The relationship with the sellers is one of the Nancy's favourite parts of the market experience

to bargain is not only a question of money but a great example of the art of social relationships

 In the market Nancy can spend hours admiring anything you can imagine

 But she can't be stopped for long or she can be confused with a merchandise for sell!

After so many activities and emotions, Nancy needs to have a rest with a good drink in La Palmera

 And finnally, it's time to go back home!

 The stands are already closed, and there's only some irregular sellers standing in the corridors

Just before leaving, Nancy stands in front of the walls of the old market 
She cannot believe it's the last time that she sees the red letters!!!

On her way home, she sees some of the old market sellers entering their shabby stuff  to new luxurious market and she wonders:
Is this the end or just a new beginning???