Bonjour Tristesse

 Her name is Clania

and hers ...
and hers, too!

They are meeting for a sunday picnic
 Despite the impressive views,

the delicious food,

and the expensive wine,

it doesn't look like they are having a great time!

They do not talk or laugh...

They just can witness the others' happiness

opposing it to their own deep and unjustified sadness

Bonjour Tristesse


Searching for Identity

- What is this? Is it an animal? Is it a toy? Is it a machine?

- I don't know who I am and I don't  know where I come from or where I am... 

- What a freak building... which city is this?

I - So this is Barcelona, now I only have to find out who I am... I can't remember anything of my past!!!

- Can you  give me a ride to the center?
I guess there I can find somebody who can help me to find out my identity...

-We are arrived: Catalunya Square! Good luck with your search!

 - This is the very center of the city! It is full of pigeons...

... and children!

- Hi pigeons, Can you help me? Do you know who I am?

- You are grey and you have a trunk and tusks... You are an elephant!
You should go to the zoo to meet your colleagues

-To go to the zoo you just have to take Les rambles, a big street with lots of different people and kiosks.. .

- This must be Les Rambles...

- It's really full of people and kiosks!

- To go to the zoo you must now turn left!

- Here we are!!!

 - Hi, I am an elephant! Can you tell me how to find the other elephants?

(But this is not an elephant, what a strange guy! Just act as you don't see him...)

- Ok, I'll manage on my own,  I see you are very busy!

- Don't be so proud! At least you could look at me!

-Hey you. brother!  I've been told I'm an elephant like you!

- You must be kidding! You'can't be an elephant!
 You are too small and made out of plastic: you are just a toy!

-We are sorry but we cannot help you... please, leave us alone!

- Hi, I am Elmer... who are you?
- I don't really know, the pigeons say I am an elephant, but the elephants say I'm a toy...

-You look different from the other toys I've met, you rather look like a machine to me... 
If you give me a ride, I will guide you to the oldest and wisest being of this city, 
maybe he can help you!

- Come on, one last effort, we are almost there...

- Here we are: The great Mammut!!!
- Can you tell me who am I? What is my name? Where do I come from?

-You have go across all the city, arrive uptown, to the 22nd of Hercegovina street.
There you will find the answers to all your questions...

- Well, thank you for your help! You've been a real good friend, Elmer! 
Now I have to continue my journey alone!

      - Hi, can you tell me the way to Hercegovina street 22?
- You're almost there!!!

-It should be here...what a curious place!

- Welcome to Ro-botica!!! I was waiting anxiously for you!
- You were waiting for me? Who are you? Do you know who am I?

- I'm a Lego Mindstorms NXT and you are my replacement: a Lego Mindstorm EV3
- I don't understand what you mean...

- You are a robot, like all of us!!! 
The last generation of a robotic family dedicated to educate and entertain the humans!
 You are not just an elephant, a toy or a machine... You can have infinite different shapes and behaviors depending on how you are assembled and programmed!

- Wow, I can really be anything I want!!!
I'm happy to belong to the Ro-botica Family!

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The Crush

 The famous rock singer Jem is attending  to the Barcelona 080 fashion show to get inspiration for outfits to wear in the stage

 She likes to arrive early to find the best place to have a good view over the catwalk

the show starts!!!

As we already know, Rio Pacheco likes to attend to the fashion shows,
but this time he arrives too late...

 He has to watch the show from the backstage, just behind the biggest guys you can imagine!

 When the show ends, the outdoor party starts!
Rio and Jem meet in the bank counter queueing for a drink... 

It's obvious they have lots of things in common: 
you just have to look the way they dress!

 They can't stop talking,
it seems as they had known each other for years!

 They even share a ride on a pink flamingo

 and they sit by the pond to enjoy the views of the city...

 and finally...

The rest of the world just disappears!!!

Is this the beginning of a big true love story or just a temporary crush?

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