A Day for Everybody

It's a very nice spring day
Where is Nancy going?

To La Rambla: the most famous street in barcelona... 
but why is it full of books today?

Nancy best fiend is also in La Rambla looking for books!!!

 Finally they meet!
It's great to share this wonderful day with somebody

But, why is everyone carrying a rose?

Is it necessary that a boy gives them the rose?

 Of course not!
They buy themselves a rose of their favourite color!

Books and roses! 
What else could anybody need?

The signature of a famous writter!!!


Salou Girls

When she takes the train to Salou, 
she always goes on the left side to enjoy the views

And the first she does when she gets there is to whistle loud to check if her friends are there!

Yes! Here they come!!!

Now that they are all together, guess what are they going to do?!?

They go to the best ice cream shop of the world!!!
They mainly buy the same flavours every year...

...but one of them that always wants to taste the newest and strangest flavours of the season!

Where should they go to sit and eat their ice creams?!?

to their secret little corner of the port, of course!!!

They can be here for hours catching up!!!

It's great to meet here year after year!

They know that whatever happens,
Salou girls will always be back!!!


Don't Let Them Fool You

 Boys don't always have to take the long palm.

Girls sometimes are not satisfied with the flowered palm

 Don't let them fool you!

If you are boy, you can like pink.

 If you are a girl, you may preffer blue.

If you do what you feel like, you don't have to care what they may say