Fly me to the moon (Sant Joan 2013)

 It's Sant Joan's eve!
The dolls have decorated their backyard to celebrate the shortest night of the year

  After the cava and the coca... comes the best part of the night:

 the firecrackers!!!

 This is the bravest doll of them all

 She doesn't fear the crackers

 or the fireworks...

 She always lights one cracker after another...

 but maybe this time she's going too far...

 The rest of dolls are terrified!


Well, the secondary effects are not that bad after all...

Enough senseless crackers!!! 
I have a great idea...

 ...we are going to fly this barbie to the moon and be part of history!

 We just need some tape...

 and a rocket, of course!

 That's it!!!

 Barbie, you're going to be famous: the first doll to step the moon!

 What an exciting moment!!!

 The final countdown!!!!

Wow, and the barbie flies away!!!
Good luck, Barbie!!!

  What a magical night., I feel anything could happen...

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