Nancy 50th Anniversary in Barcelona

 As everybody already knows, Nancy has turned 50 years old this June

 Nancy has been working for more than a year to prepare her birthday party in Barcelona:
she has designed by her own the posters, fliers, the accreditations of the guests, the assistance diplomas, the labels for the exhibition, etc

 and she had also a lot of work with the list of guests

 She has also searched presnets for the guests and has received the help of many friends that have made generous donations for the raffle

 One of the most important issues was to select the hotel for the lunch

 After a big search, she found the perfect place!

and very near hes has found the ideal room for an exhibition to explain her history:

Her favourite place in the city: Els Encants!!!

She has been working on the excells for months to be sure that everything was under control!

  Thanks to the healthy snacks and the coke, she has survived to so many hours of work

To prepare the 50th Anniversary Dolls for the raffle, 
Nancy has received the wise advice of her good friend Carlos from Born to Cut 
(the best Hair Saloon of Barcelona)

 Nancy has been training her gilrs for months to transform them in...

....the most beautiful Pinups you can imagine!

 To prepare the Bar of Diorama for the exhibition Nancy has also had the support of the best engineers of the country!

 She has also looked for the most accurate technical solutions!

She has also received help from the best artists...

...and designers!

 Nancy has also worked hard in the menu, 
to assure that every little detail was under control!

 She even had to try all the beberages of the meal to garantee that they were ideal... 
but maybe she took this part too seriuosly!

 She has even hanged by herself the posters of the exhibiton al around the market to make sure that everybody knew that it was her birthday!!!

 Nancy lso controlled the placement of the vinyls in the façade of the exhibition room

 She assembled the exhibition tables

 And even cleaned the glass showcases!

 The transportation wasn't either an easy problem to solve!

The final touch in the hairstyle of the exhibited dolls was also very important

Finally D day arrived and everything was ready!

Nancy was all day taking care of her guests to be sure they had anything they needed!

Celebration cake, cava and even gadgets for the Photocall to make her 50th Anniversary Party one of the happyest days of her life!

At the end of day, finally she could relax with her best friends having a nice cold beer!

On the following day  she  spent the hangover with the guests that had come form abroad

She had to ask for several coffees in order to overcome the phisical and the emotional fatigue of the last weeks

But she was really happy and satisfied!

The best of ther 50th anniversary, to be able o share it with friends!

But the 50th Anniversary did not end with the weekend celebration:
the following week the exhibtion was opened to the public

Nancy had to attend to the visitors and explain her history to them.t

She also made some pictures of the exhibition

She wanted to participate in the Photgraphy Contest to win...

...the Human Nancy!!!

Who meanwhile took the opportunity to renew her wardrobe in Els Encants stalls...

and to buy some Barbies for her doll collection!

Finally, the time to end the exhibition arrived!

Nancy had to force some of the dolls to abandone the exhibitioon room...
 they wanted to stay there forever!

It was sad to watch the showcases being dissasembled

But the time to go back home had arrived!

After the hard work and intense emotions of the last months, Nancy now can rest and relax

We are sure she will soon find some other important activities to fill in her days!!!

To finish up the cronical of this Anniversary, we would like to mention the importance of the help of other 4 dolls.  (and a 5th one that made the dresses)
Though Nancy would like to take all the credit of the organisation all for herself, she cannot deny that she has had the best team you can imagine!!!