Empower Yourself

 As every knows, the life of Cinderella hasn't been easy at all

 Since her mother died she has been doing the housework for her evil step mother and sisters under a very hard working conditions

She can't stand anymore this situation and she needs to change it soon!!!

Cinderella explains her problems to Jaq and Gus
She thinks that the only solution is a prince to come to rescue her

Jaq and Gus try to convice her that what she needs is not anybody else to save her..

...what she really need is take control of her own life!

 The first step to empower yourself is to obtain the ideal tools to improve your life!

These tools are just the beginning a of new way of being

 She doen's need a Prince to be free!

 Cinderella is now ready to become the Princess of a reconquered kingdom: 
her own life!

Everybody should follow Jaq and Gus' advice:
Empower Yourself!


the Mother Superior and the Novice

The Mother Superior seems very worried lately

, There's something that troubles her: 
It's Lourdes, the youngest novice

The rumors say that Lourdes is going to leave the Convent because she can't stand anymore the quiet life in the mountains...

One day Lourdes confesses to the Mother Superior her intentions to leave the congregation
and she asks for her forgiveness 

 Finally she's ready to go!

 The Mother Superior watches from the window Lourdes leaving

Lourdes says goodbye to the ancient buildings that have been her home for so long

 But she specially says good bye to these magic mountains that have been the permanent backgound during all her novitiate

It has not been an easy decision:
she has lost the secutiry of the convent and the guide of the Mother Superior...

 ... but she has just won something much more essential to her: freedom!
Now she can do whatever she feels like

 She knows it won't be easy,
there's a long and intricate road in front of her!

She looks back for the last time towards the Magic Mountain and wonders what will it be doing the Mother Superior

She's praying for her to the Montserrat Virgin, of course!


Let's say we're talking of Madrid

 6 May 1982 - After spending  her whole life in the mountains, 
Nancy has decided to run away

She has packed all her dreams and hopes in a suitcase and she's ready to make them real!

What better place than this great city to start a brand new life!

The most famous mouse in town, Ratoncito Perez, tells her change her mountains outfit and to dress like a modern city girl!

With her new cloths Nancy looks like an authentic Madrid Movida Girl!

Now she's ready to conqueer the city!!!

 But it is only when the night falls that the real Madrid begins to show

 Nancy tries to visits all the bars in town!

 When the bars close, the streets are still full of people
and she follows them to a disco with a very strange name....

... after hours of dancing and drinking, 
Nancy is the last one to leave the great Joy Eslava!

She takes a short but nice sleep in the Retiro

 and she decides to visit the most famous market in town

 the Rastro vendors are really nice to her!

 In one of the stalls she meets a very funny girl: her name is Angelita

 Angelita tells Nancy to abandond those extravagand cloths that she's wearing 
and to get an authetic Chulapa dress

 Now Nancy feels like a true Madrid Girl!

 While walking the streets with her new dress, Nancy meets a real Madrid Chulo!

It's seems that Nancy may finally have found what she was really looking for!


Conde de GoDoll Trophy

Today is the final of the 2017 GoDoll Trophy

On one side of the net we have Fanny and Clania...

and on the other side we have Nancy and Lissi!

And the umpire is Lesly!!!

Fanny is the first to serve, she's one of the top servers of the circuit...

but Fanny and Clania are not afraid of her,
they are also two of the best players of the world!

And Nancy, well, she doesn't need any introductions,
everybody knows that she's the number 1 of the DTA ranking (the Doll's Tennis Asociation)!

Nancy and Lissi haven't lost any match this season...

But Clania is seriously determined to break their winning streak

Clania can't stand Nancy and she wants to defeat her by any means

Lissi is not that bad...

but Nancy's seems so proud of her herself, 
that Clania thinks that she deserves a good lesson!

The match is so even that they have to play a tiebreak...
And when Nancy is serving for a match point, she makes an ace!

Hey, the ball was out!!!

I am the umperer and I saw he ball was in, so stop complaining!

Come on, Lesly! Are you blind?!?
The ball was clearly out!

Lesly, don't listen to these losers, they just want confuse you!
They know it was the best ace of the history!

This is not fair!!
You can't be impartial because Nancy's your sister and you will do whatever to make her win!!!

This is not true, they are such bad losers!!!
They are jealous of me because I am the best player of the world and much more famous and rich than them!

Oh, my good, this is unbelievable!
How can anybody be so vain!!!

I am going to stick the ball in your stupid mouth, Nancy!!!

Nancy and me are the legitimate winners of the GoDoll
Lesly, don't be a chicken: you have to expel them from the tennis track and open them a file!!!

That's enough!!!!
Stop shoutting, the four of you!!!

I will have to disqualify both teams for insults, disrespect to the umpire, threats and even violence!!!
I'm sorry, but this year there won't be any GoDolls Champions!