In Every Crisis lies a great Opportunity

It's been a long time since we made our las post...
We have a great excuse for our long absence, here is the story of our Crisis:

 It all began in September 2019 while Nancy was visiting Onil to celebrate her 50th aniversary

 She was having a very good time attending to interesting expositons

 and meeting great friends

 But suddenly, she received a phone call: there was a fire in her home!!!
She had to return to Barcelona urgently.

 She suffered a lot for her friends that were inside!!!

 When the firemen let her enter, she found out that there were no seriously injured dolls, but most of them were asphysxiated and scared!!! 
The evacuation of the most affected dolls began inmediately

 They were very lucky to find a very kind family who accepted them in their home as refugees for many months

Meanwhile in her house, the hard cleaning opperation begun

The restuaration works that lasted for many months and were unbearable for the many dolls that still had to leave in that house...

 Nancy realised that the situation was getting worst day after day so she begun to look for a new home for all of them
She found the ideal house very quickly!

 But it was necessary to make also some more works!
She hired Lucas: a very willful construction worker, but maybe not so fast and effective...

 Nancy had to do the by herself the painting works

 and asked for help to the most arty friends that she has

 When the main construction works were finished, she had to say goodbye to the house were she had been happy so many years!

 But the hardest part was still to come: The Moving!!!

 She found two dolls really experienced in heavy moving: The Rosauras!

 Once she found herself in the new house full of boxes everywhere, she didn't know how to made them desappear!

 But with the help of her friends and a lot of pattience, she could build most of the furniture and put into order the new house

 She also needed the help of a professional cleaning brigade to take way all the dust of the construction works!

It also was necessary to make some visits to Ikea, of course!

Finally, after so many months of fires, evacuations, movings, trials and construction works, now she is able to rest and read in her new sofa!


Holidays Highpoints

 When you can`t resist the temptation and  you open at the same time all the windows of your Advent Calendar to eat the sweets

 When you are drunk and fall in front of your boss when leaving the Christmas Party of the Company

 When you finish your holydays extra pay to get ready for the last dinner of the year!

 When you eat by yourself the whole desert at the New Year's Eve party

When you realise you are not going to accomplish any of the New Years Resolutions you've just made the night before

When you get the Bean of the Wise Men Day cake, like every year....

When you discover that you weigh 23 grams more than before the Holydays

If you have experienced one of these Holidays Highpoints, or even all of them, don't worry, you're not alone!
We still wish you a very Happy New Year!