They may try to insult you in every possible way

 to saw your illusions and your dreams...

 or even try to aniquilate your traditions

 or erase your identity...

whatever it happens, don't give up:
keep calm and smile!


Bank Holiday

 Nancy today is so exited...

 She and her boyfriend Lucas are leaving the city to spend this Bank Holiday together!

 But where's Lucas? He's being late!!!

Here you are! Where were you? We're going to miss our bus!!!!

I'm sorry, Nancy! It won't happen again!
But do you need so many baggage? We'll be away only 3 days...

 Shut up, Lucas! I'm just bringing the indispensable stuff!!!

This our bus! Come on, hurry up!

As we all know, behind every great woman there's always a great man...


Markets, Supermarkets and Terraces...

 Rosaura, where are you?!? You should have arrived half an hour ago!
Hurry up or the market will be already closed!

 Here I am!!!
It will be my first time in a market, I am really excited! Let's go!

I didn't know there would be flowers in the market... are they eatable?

Just in the entrance there are some flowers stands,
but inside you can find anything you need to prepare healthy and delicious meals!

You can find fresh fish

and the best seasonal fruits and vegetables

Why everybody is carrying these trolleys?

I see you can find also meat, but its not packaged!

How can I get a piece of ham? shoud I take home the whole leg?

If you want to order anything, you just have to take a paper and wait for your turn
Then somebody will assist you and give you exactly what you need

Very interesting but... is there any supermarket near this place? 
I'm hungry and I need something really good to eat!!!

This is my territory, hold onto the shopping cart and I'll show you around!

Here you can grab anything you want without asking anybody!

The food may be not so healthy and natural as in the market, but it's very tasty!!!

I see... it's really easy, but  I'd preffer something not so sweet...

 No problem! What do you think of this huge range of chips and salted snacks?

 I'm really impressed, but I am not sure if we will survive after eating all that stuff!!!

 When you're done selecting everything that you need and you don't need, 
then you have to go to the cash register...

 I't so fun to be transported in the conveyor belt!

Most people wouldn't admit that the checkers in the supermarket can be as friendly as the tenders in the market!

 What a better way to finish this lesson in market and supermarket culture, than to have some appetizer in a sunny terrace?

We may not have the same shopping methods or nutrition habits, but we both agree that to share a terrace table with a good company is one of the best things of life!

After so many adventures the Rosauras are really tired, so they decide to take a Taxi to go home!



Why content yourself with just one if you can have two!
Have twice as fun:
Celebrate halloween and castanyada at the same time!!!


Mushroom Hunters

The leafs are red and the breeze is chillier... 
Autumn it's the favourite time ot the year for the Mushroom hunters!!!

Follow me!
 I know the way to the prairie where the best mushrooms grow

Wow, this is full of beautiful and delicious mushrooms!

This one is gigantic!!!

 You and your mushrooms are boring!!!
I'll go for a walk into the forest by myself to find some new adventures!

Ok, go and we'll meet at home,...but be careful, you never know what you can find in the wilderness!

After being some minutes walking randomly...

Nancy enters the wild woods
This forest is amazing!!!
Look at this mushroom,  iI's so small and delicate, I'll try it!

After tasting just a little piece of the mushroom, Nancy falls down!

She feals like floating: she's awake but dreaming at the same time: everything is full of mushrooms...

and flowers.. huge flowers!!!

While Nancy is having the most surreal trip of her life, her friends are worried!
She should be already back!

We have to find her!

Finally Nancy weaks up! 
But she feels confused and disoriented: he doesn't know how to get back home!

But suddenly, she remebers the main lesson of the Junior Woodchucks' guide:
By reading the nature signs you can always find your way

The moss grows in the north side!

Here we are! 
Home sweet home!!!

Our Mushroom Hunters are finally together and promise not to separate never again!