Back to the future (the Osàcar Andreu dolls)

I have been more than 30 years storaged in this closet...
it's time to scape and explore the world!

 Look at this!
I think I know who could be in the red boxes...

It's so heavy, but I have to open it!

Please, release us, we have so many years locked in this box!!!
Ok, but you have to help me to open the rest of the boxes

Wait! We are trying, but it's very difficult! How could you open our box you alone?

Hello! You have so many beautiful dresses!!!
Can we try them?

Forget about the dresses and free us now!
We are so tired of being closed here!!!

OK, we'll see later about the dresses...
...but you have to come with us to find out what's in the blue blox!

Oh, your dresses are nice also, but they are too big for us.
 Who are you?

Nancys! Don't you know who am I?!?
I'm the great Mariquita Perez!!! The most popular doll in this country until you ruined my career!
 Stop touching my things and leave me alone!

I don't want to be released by you... I prefere to stay here remembering my old glory days.
Why don't you go to see what is in the small box next to mine?

This one is much easier to open! Who could live in a such small place?

Hello! How are you?

We are Sindys, the best air hostess of the British Empire.
We have also beautiful dresses, but you are too big to fit in them!

I've been told that there are many more hidden treassures in this house...
... Lauras, Barriguitas, maybe even Leslys!
Go to explore and come back later to explain us the dolls and dresses that you discover!


1 comment:

  1. Que divinas!!!
    De verdad las tienes en esos baules preciosos? :O
    Me encanto Mariquita Perez malhumorada por su perdida de fama XD
    Genial tu blog!